Thursday, January 19, 2006

It's all Greek to me, A teardrop & Clean at last

Back to Zorba's Greek Buffet and the tasteful Mediterranean exterior. I guess we must like Zorbas because now when we arrive they seat us near the start of the buffet line.

We have been admiring this rose for three weeks just outside Zorbas and it's now fully open. It is the only flower still blooming outside Zorbas and feels like an old friend. I always stop to say hello to the last rose of summer.

After Zorbas we stopped at Walmart after driving all over looking for the Home Depot. The mission was to find a new portable gas grill to replace our older model. Walmart had the little creature made by Weber and you will have to wait for the picture when we use it in a day or two. I was next sent on mission # 2, get the car washed while Scrabble Queen (she got the title back tonight - see below ) washed the clothes. On my way out of the park I came upon something really, really cool. It was the sports car of RVing, a Teardrop trailer. This one was priceless and immaculate. The owners, fellow Oregonians, were getting ready to walk the dogs. Sorry I missed the hubby in the picture but if you can look really hard and see his feet under the door of the trailer. They are on their way to Mexico (location secret) for some R&R. It's a return trip and they seemed really happy to be going back. We had a short talk and they were off to give the dogs a good stretch and some relief.

The Car Wash was the usual San Diego Special. I was lucky to catch them at a slow time. The routine is a three step process. First they vacuum the interior and prep the car for step two.

Step two is the tunnel of suds and shammies where the exterior is wettened, soaped, wax sprayed on, rubbed by hanging stuff, rinsed, and given a blow dry. Then we go to step three.

Step three is the cliff hanger where several finishers had to dry the left over water, put protectant on the tires and generally make sure the car is ready to go. They had a great crew at this Car Wash and they did a great job. The Car Wash is on Sweetwater Road just west of I805. I had a nice talk with the young man without a hat while they worked and found out he moved to San Diego from Long Beach where Steven received his Degree from Long Beach State University in TV, Radio and Film.

I had to stop by for one more picture of the Teardrop trailer - way cool - and pulled by a normal minivan for ease driving and great gas mileage for a Recreational Vehicle. Very nice rig and very nice people. Have fun guys!

Scrabble Score ~ Scrabble Queen 368 - The Contender 358 a great close game.

Quote of the Day -
'Tis the last rose of summer,
Left blooming all alone,
All her lovely companions
Are faded and gone.
No flower of her kindred,
No rose bud is nigh,
To reflect back her blushes,
Or give sigh for sigh."

~Thomas Moore , 'Tis the Last Rose of Summer

Thomas Moore (1779 - 1852/Ireland) Although he was an Irish Catholic and the son of a Dublin grocer. Moore became a fashionable poet of Regency England.

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