Saturday, January 21, 2006

Bird Rock and the Giant Dipper

I have to mention these are all pictures Matt took this morning on an early morning drive with Diana. So my only part in this post is my thoughts about the pictures and guesses where they were taken - so I will review the blog with Matt tomorrow to make any mistaken comments.

I believe this was taken in LaJolla but I could be wrong - it's a glimpse of how the other side of town lives.

I am positive what this spot is. It used to be called children's beach. It was originally a protected area (from the waves) where children could dip in with relative safety. At some point the seals started coming and for awhile the children and seals co-existed . I think the children we eventually booted from the beach so the seals could rest in peace without stress. I don't see anyone on the jetty but you used to be able to walk to the end.

The seals are pretty cool, especially when they are swimming in the crests of the Pacific waves. On the beach however they lay so still they could easily be bean bag chairs.

It's pretty easy to see how the caves along the shore are formed in this shot. Harder sandstone stays and the softer is eroded.

Cormorants on the cliffs are a common sight on this part of the Pacific coast all the way up the coast. I've seen some in Oregon as well. The are definitely cliff dwellers.

In this more open view you can get some idea of their abundance in this area.

Diana walked along the shore near some pretty nice beach homes. I believe this and the pictures of the birds were shot at an area of La Jolla called "Bird Rock" one of Matt's favorite surfing spots.

Some people walk a little too close to the edge of the cliffs along the coast and injuries and rescues of people halfway down the cliffs are common and some deaths have resulted from one unlucky step.

I think this picture of Diana was taken on Mt. Solidad.

Finally this is the Belmont Park Roller Coaster in Mission Beach

It's called the Giant Dipper and has been here for years.

No Scrabble tonight

Quote of the Day ~
"If we kill everything in the ocean, and if we pollute the ocean to a point where it can't sustain life, we're committing suicide." ~ Peter Benchley author of Jaws, The Deep and other novels.

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