Sunday, January 08, 2006

All around the Park and a trip to the movies

The gentleman directly across from our RV has shamed me again by continuing to clean and do "stuff" to his RV while I barely managed to dry the Musemobile after Scrabble Queen applied a cleaner with a wet cloth. Oh well it was nice and inspiring watching someone showing such care on his RV. I may need to change my ways it's good for the Musemobile and is a healthy exercise, if I don't fall off of the ladder.

I have always been fascinated with the Bird of Paradise plant so any opportunity to get pictures of them I go for immediately. This was not at the RV park but the ones I got a picture of in an earlier Web Log Entry. They are next to the Rubio's in Chula Vista. We stopped there on the way to the movies to see Casanova a more lighthearted Heath Ledger movie than Brokeback Mountain.

I took two photos and couldn't decide which to use so I kept both.

Across from Rubio's I thought this Martial Arts studio look pretty cool but didn't realize there was a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I did like the name "Just for Kicks" though. It was a jovial name for a place that teaches you how to defend yourself but incapacitating an attacker.

Then there was the Southern California version of Patriotism but we are led to believe Californians are all liberal nutcases by the Patriots in some parts of the country.

Geeze I really need to decorate the Musemobile to keep up with the Jonses. I like this mobile mural on the back of this Cruise Master.

The KOA in Chula Vista is an international destination with flags from the US (of course) but also Australia, Mexico, Canada and Japan not to mention five KOA flags.

The great slide in the playground is so colorful and I like the purple dinosaur ride also.

We even have bus service that comes through the park.

.... and a nice pet walk and walking path.

There are bikes that accommodate from one to six people with a place for two small children in the front.

The picture I've been trying to get for the last two days was one of the little girl across the way and her pogo stick. She is a real wizard and hoping on that thing. Amazing!

No Scrabble

Quote of the Day
"I don't myself believe in astrology. However, I think that's because I'm a Libra and Libras are always skeptical." ~ Philip Greenspun MIT professor and photographer

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