Friday, January 13, 2006

China Fun and the Sweater

Scrabble Queen loves China Fun and so when we decided to go have lunch with Jill that's where we went. It's located in Poway (somewhere between Escondido and Chula Vista) in the Carmel Mountain Ranch Center.

They had just opened so we were the 4th, 5th, and 6th people to walk in so the service was fantastic.

They even have an outdoor dining area that's cool on a nice day (almost every day in this area)

Even the Natural Gas meters are painted and festively fun.

It's near a Borders Bookstore that is a wonderful place for books and reminds me of the movie "You've Got Mail" and of the Art School Peter attended in Los Angeles. In LA it was virtually across the street from Peter's apartment near UCLA.

I told Jill this was my artsy pic for the day - at which she just scoffed (thinking I was nuts)

Outside the Sports Authority where the girls were trying to find an Izod sweater for their dad was a beautiful Bougainvillea decorating the sandstone wall. Well the girls tried Mervyns, Sports Authority, two golf stores and finally gave up. Scrabble Queen, being the ultimate shopper, found it on E-Bay advertised as an unworn vintage but new 1970's discontinued item and promptly bought it. Ed you will never understand the lengths these girls have gone to for you.

We didn't look in Circuit City for the Izod sweater however I did get a picture.

No Scrabble today but yesterday after the blog was published Scrabble Queen 297 the Contender 326

Quote of the Day
"The more research we did (in the golf market), the more we realized that IZOD Club was the best brand to bring to the market," ~ Jeffery Nanus , a former publisher and sales director for such magazines as Discover, World Tennis and Esquire.

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