Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sylvan Ridge - Another Plein Air Show

Sharyn and I took off to Sylvan Ridge (Hinman Vineyards) to view the paintings of the Plein Air Painters at the opening reception. It was a nice drive there from Creswell and the vineyard was terrific.

Vineyards in the area stretch across several hills and provide a very nice vista.

It is no wonder the painters came here to paint.

It was a cool day and Sharyn was wearing her really great black coat.

The front porch with a very nice view had a rustic look.

Inside the main building the paintings were hung and it was a beautiful show.

Even the view out of the room looked like a framed painting.

The painting on the right by Shirley Froyd was Sharyn's favorite (well one of them) but I think Shirley's work both here and Cresewell have caught her eye.

While I had a hard time picking a favorite because I liked them all the painting in the middle "Pinot Autumn" by Susan Warner Smith really pleased my eye.

This Pastel by Sarkis Antikajian titled simply "The Vineyard" was another of the works here that I found inspirational for its simple and colorful beauty.

Mark Logan's oil titled "Concord Vine" was a great example of framing the subject to a small portion of a much larger scene for dramatic effect, wonderful.

Margaret Plumb's acrylic titled "In the Vineyard" was bright and a lovely look down a row of vines to the opposing hill.

I didn't see one painting I wouldn't love to have in my home...

Jaqueline Lukowski who I had the pleasure of meeting for a second time in Creswell at that paintout (the first was at a Hendricks Park paintout) caught the texture of the scenery as a patchwork of subtle colors lightened or darkened by the light.

Ephemia Wesley's work captured the curve of Briggs Road as it curved and dove between the ridges in the distance.

One of the other paintings that was in my top two was this one by Kerri Vanden Berg. Titled "Edge of the Vineyard" is a Watercolor with a perspective along a fence. For me there was a dark side packed with vine behind the fence and a light side open and free of obstacles and in the distance a hill rising up to the sky. Perhaps I see and allegory where there is none but I just love this painting.

Renee Nelson did this Gouache Titled Crow Valley Vineyard. Gouache (pronounced gwahsh) - Is a heavy, opaque watercolor paint, sometimes called body color, producing a less wet-appearing and more strongly colored picture than ordinary watercolor. Very nice Renee.

Here is a closer view of Susan Warner Smith's "Pinot Autumn" there is something soothing in this painting that I find inspiring and why I admire the eye and skill of artists.

Rodric Gillilian's watercolor "Green Grapes" is another example of skill and subject choice, beautifully done Rod.

I did venture outside for a few pictures and liked the curve of the drive into the vineyard...

... the clock tower and ...

... the Sylvan Ridge sign above the door.

There were a few flowers still blooming and ...

...a few already open.

I like the Beech Trees very much and how they played against the background.

Inside the vineyard a young man was fast asleep in front of the fireplace. I have a vivid imagination and decided he was a student employed by the vineyard that had an important exam and was studying in a quiet place and after 10 hours pouring over his book drifted off to never - never land. I doubt I'm right but it is a thought.

As we left I couldn't help but enjoy the view as a cloud lowered filtering the sun in this serene valley.

The filtered light was perfect for a picture down to ward Briggs Road and the hill across the way.

I think this is what I love about Oregon a state of character from the ocean to the mountains. The state of Oregon has the most diverse and spectacular valleys and super two lane roads that can lead you almost anywhere.

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Quote of the Day -
For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream. ~ Vincent Van Gogh

Monday, November 23, 2009

Art for all Seasons

It is time again for Maude Kerns "Art for all Seasons" and here I am, in a rare appearance, with my two entries., the two Autumn Leaves images.

Renee Manford was there and bought one of Sarkis' paintings while viewing the great art from the Maude Kerns members.

Another of Sarkis' works was featured under the Sign for the show

Personally I really liked this shot with the young lady and thought it was a perfect play off the painting.

There wasn't just paintings but also some beautiful ceramics...

... of all shapes,...

... colors, ...

... sizes,...

... and colors.

The paintings were a combination of skills, technique and media as great as the patrons who came in large numbers.

They enjoyed the art, artists and each other on a cool autumn night.

Some of many art receptions are the interactions between artists and here Jerry Ross and Sarkis Antikajian are having a high level discussion in the stage area.

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Quote of the Day ~

"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way--things I had no words for." ~ Georgia O'Keeffe

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The "Old Schoolhouse" Art Show

Right out of the Eugene Weekly - There we were Wow!

It's time for the "Old Schoolhouse" Art Show in Creswell ready to roll and find Librarian Stacy in her famous pink tennis shoes ...

... as we show up early to set out the goodies.

As the artists arrive Carol gives everyone a formal welcome in her own warm way.

In the audience is Shirley, Victoria and our Newspaper's owner, editor, publisher and photographer Helen.

More and more people showed up during the reception and we even had one guest from Massachusetts (the young man on the left). Another luminary was Paul Bourgault (in the background) whose painting from a few years ago was the inspiration for inviting the other Plein Air artists to Creswell for the paintout and show.

The art is fantastic...

Sarkis Antikajian's piece included a very active scene with a biker and a couple walking on the sidewalk.

There is Sarkis in the center and Plein Air Coordinator Brooks Hickerson on the right.

I especially liked the wall colors that were a great contrast to the paintings like this one by Shirley Froyd.

While sitting at a table I took this shot of Shirley looking at the paintings.

One of the early sellers was Victoria Biedron's Window painting and Sharyn liked it so much she received Victoria's permission to use the image on "Thank You" cards for the "Save the Schoolhouse" committee.

I talked a little with Victoria and found that she began painting four short years ago and I was amazed and realized that a natural talent gains experience much faster than us ten thumbed mortals.

I am so proud to be a part of the Plein Air group and especially proud of the Save the Schoolhouse committee of Creswell. Their ability to set up a great show along with the support of the library staff, especially Esther hanging the show as well as Stacy and Yaakov and Su for their support.

The artists that participated came from all over Lane county. Bets Cole from Elmira presented a painting with a wonderful perspective of the Schoolhouse from the southwest corner.

Bets is probably the most expressive person I've ever met and I promise I won't try to get a picture unless it's in bright sunlight and with the camera set for 1/4,000 th of a second or faster. The reason is Bets is constantly moving.

Bets did slow down slightly to talk with Brooks Hickerson's son.

Can you guess that Brooks was a Texan in his younger years.

Verlean (I hope I spelled it right) and Holly seemed to be having a great time as Holly obviously was expressing something with great emphasis.

I noticed something familiar over Victoria's shoulder - a purse exactly like Sharyn's with only one difference being the black strap rather than red.

Plein Air Painters are the artists that can be seen painting at outdoor locations so seeing the "Outdoor Life" magazine behind Victoria was a nice little coincidence and I'm betting the "100 Best" quote is prophetic of her talents.

It was a great gathering and it's amazing how many interesting things we discover in conversations. I found out the Brooks and Peggie Hickerson were married at University of Houston at the same time Sharyn and I met at U of H.

Jane Vincent a member of our City Council was there and it was very nice to meet her and talk a bit.

I just loved the company and the smiles...

... and like me Brooks has a blog, his being specifically for the Plein Air painters ...

It was a lovely evening with some very special folks. I will enjoy revisiting the Creswell Library to see their creations and miss them when they leave on December 7.

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Quote of the Day ~
"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way--things I had no words for." ~ Georgia O'Keeffe


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