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First Friday Art Walk - November 2009

Who would have believed it but it never rains the evening of the art walk in downtown Eugene. Seriously I can only remember one tiny drizzle toward the end of one art walk.

I arrived at about 5:00pm and parked in the multi-story garage on Willamette. It gives a nice view of the surrounding area and looking down on Willamette there was the White Lotus Gallery.

I kind lof liked the view along the railing with Willamette to the left and the parking garage to the right.

I then leaned out to look up at the stair well going to the roof.

Directly below was the Joggers sign.

Going into the Karin Clarke Gallery ...

... I saw the Paintings of Erik Sandgren and the Stone Sculptures of David Miller and got the idea of shooting through the sculptures and framing the paintings.

First I had to do my usual wide view...

... followed by my effort of looking through.

It is a bit of a challenge for a novice with focus issues but I like the results.

The Miller sculptures complimented the Sandgren paintings very well and the show was both beautiful and graceful.

Two talented artists one great show.

I always like visiting the back-room grotto to see what Karin has displayed in this small but colorful nook.

I always like looking in from the outside...

The gallery always exudes a warmth in contrast to the ...

... cool greenish walkway from Willamette to the Jacobs furniture store.

The ground was wet from an earlier rain and the lights of cars and buildings give a glow to downtown.

I liked the color on the ivy covering one of the walls at the Hult center....

I pass them often on the walk to the Jacobs Art Gallery. The photograph is from the Sands of Time - Winds of Change exhibit by Scott Huette that demonstrates the the paintings of nature in the sands of time.

Next I visited Fenario Gallery voted best gallery in the Eugene Weekly magazine. According to Eugene Weekly "Fenario gallery has arguably the largest local collection of Jerry Garcia’s art.

Fenario is a very eclectic gallery often featuring cutting edge and young new artists.

It's a great place and often draws huge crowds.

Second in the Eugene Weekly's "Best of" for galleries is DIVA an artists cooperative that is the hub of many artists in Eugene. Tonight DIVA operated a second venue called the Holiday Annex and there I found Renee Manford's piece titled Big Face that she tells me was an end of the day print she hand painted. This piece has always been one of my favorites in her extensive collection. Renee's Gallery can be found by clicking [Here]

If you like light sculptures you will love the work of Stephen White this piece is Phoenix very graceful beautiful on this maroon wall.

Stephen even posed for this shot next to another of his flowing works. You can see some of his work and get information on this amazing man by clicking [Here]

Adrienne Adam (on the right) is a wonderful fine art photographer I had a very nice conversation with tonight. She has a gorgeous web site [Click here to visit] that displays a few samples of her work. It is worth a visit.

I ran into Vern Wright at the DIVA Holiday Annex and we walked back to the Karin Clark Gallery and being brave souls (or too dumb to know better) we walked along a short-cut down a dark alley where I stopped of a picture of a dark stairway.

Next I visited the Karin Clarke Annex to find out Margaret Coe has a studio there and is working on new pieces. I discussed the boat with her and found it was a scene she discovered at Nye Beach after hearing a boat had gone aground.

Here are a few other "in process" pieces she is working on and on display. More of Margaret's works can be found by clicking [Here].

Renee Manford was at the annex hosting for the Karin Clarke Annex and ...

My friend Larry happened in and it was nice to see him on the walk with his very nice lady friend. So we talked a bit about everything and nothing and I found out he is doing some writing.

I am drawn somehow to the tools of artists and find myself taking pictures of pallets, brushes, pallet knives, paints and assorted easels. Tonight I got a picture of some of Margaret Coes brushes.

I was happy to see large crowds again at the galleries and it was really crowded all night.

After the galleries closed Renee, Vern and I visited "Sweet Life" for a Tart two Eclairs and a Tiramisu takeout for Sharyn. What a nice evening.

Scrabble Score ~ Scrabble Queen 335 -The Contender 332

Quote of the Day ~
“If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there.” ~ Lewis Carroll

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