Wednesday, November 11, 2009

McKenzie Orchards B&B - Volume II

I just love Oregon. Just when you think the occasional Autumn and Winter Rains and the more than occasional clouds will make life seem dull some great and exciting times come along.

So it was today, rain so hard I thought I was back in Houston for a winter storm. I stopped on the way to McKenzie Orchards for a picture of the old Railroad trestle over the McKenzie river that is now a jogging/bike path for a picture.

The trestle looked great with the fall colors along the shore.

Interstate 5 made for a nice shot and also provided cover from the rain.

One of my favorite views from Tom and Karen's great B&B is the view east through the gate and up to their neighbor's home.

Most of the artists were already there and Renee Manford was somewhat wet and wearing her beret giving that Parisian look. She had already painted the background for her "work in progress" ...

... and this was her subject.

I walked around looking for artists to bother and when I got upstairs I took a picture down to the "great room" below.

This is the room upstairs with a really cool circular window.

I also wanted to see the three pictures of mine the Reid's had put on a wall of the fabulous kitchen where Karen teaches cooking to lucky folks who learn to create gourmet meals and get to to immediately taste their creations.

From the kitchen looking across the dining room table there was Renee beginning to work on the foreground and trees close to the river.

In the living room I found Vern Wright asleep, but then discovered he was modeling for one of the artists - or was that an excuse for just hanging around?

I liked the reflection on the beautiful counter top.

It's hard to imagine a much nicer setting for a good breakfast and view of the back field than from one of these tables. It would be a great place to read and just enjoy life.

I found Sarkis Antikajian on the side deck painting and always with a kind smile.

I guess I am liking pictures of artists' brushes, they do make for nice pictures.

Renee in the meantime had the trees added and was ready for her foreground and earth-toned leaf fall on the ground.

The B&B is just lovely - Thank you Tom and Karen Reid - I only put Tom first because Karen got top billing on their novel "Powerball 310" by K.T. Reid a great book I'm reading.

The rain stopped and I wen out back for a few pictures of the neighbors field and horse...

... and a few head of cattle.

Looking back at the B&B Renee and another of the Plein Air group were still painting on the patio ...

... while Victoria had her Plein Air batmobile just setting to to paint. Her Plein Air batmobile has wheels a pack for equipment, and a built in chair. I would no be surprised if it didn't contain a refrigerator and pontoons for water painting, just kidding, but it really is a great asset for painting outdoors.

One more look east ...

... well actually two looks east and I was off to deliver several painting from the artists to the Creswell Library for their "Old Schoolhouse" art show that starts with a reception this Saturday from two to four and continues until December 7th.

Scrabble Score - No game but we watched a really good movie titled "The Black Book." a better than average movie that never slows or let's you down.

Quote of the Day ~
Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don't quit. ~ Conrad Hilton

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What a lovely residence to visit.


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