Sunday, June 09, 2013

Catching Up 2012 Oct Nov December

I have been lax in posting so I'm going to review some of the posts I missed doing starting with the end of 2012.

Halloween was fun as usual and this year I added a pumpkin head to my dad's old raincoat to decorate the front porch. The pumpkin was painted by my artist son, Pete, and it looked great even if it had no neck.

Umpqua Aquaculture’s oyster farm is located in the triangular breakwater of Winchester Bay, Oregon, where the mighty Umpqua River meets the majestic Pacific Ocean.

Aquaculture grows oysters using suspended long lines, which means they never touch the ocean floor. Submerged twenty-four hours a day in a mixture of cold ocean tides and clean river water. Umpqua Triangle Oysters are sought after by renowned chefs as well as everyday connoisseurs of the good life.

With Christmas coming on we also took a trip to see the lights at Shore Acres State Park gardens and as impressive as the Christmas lights there are I always love seeing the huge trees lit up next to the gift shop.

We also took a nice drive to Mt.Angel where we saw this great statue...

... and got some great sausage here...

... the went through Silverton. It was a beautiful day in Oregon.

Close to home we saw some interesting yard art...

... and a great full moon.

One of our bike rides took us to the pedestrian bridge over the Willamette river behind Valley River Mall and I got this nice seagull shot.

The Red-Tailed hawk was back in the Cottonwood tree ,,,

... and the goldfinches were at  the backyard feeder .

We did go through Yachats and got some good Brown Pelican shots...

... and a pretty cool blowhole.

This isn't even near the coast but an inland rural community but maybe they use this boat for rounding up the sheep.

Just another hawk in the cottonwood tree.

A beautiful sunset with a jets trail visible through a space in the clouds.

Pumpkin farm

Back at Mt. Angel again...

Then it was Multnomah Falls during a visit from Matt and Holly both now stationed in Europe in Italy and Germany respectively.

We were graced with a visit from a Peregrine Falcon in the Cottonwood Tree who was enjoying a nice dove meal.

This thing doubles as a car and plane. I was amazed the other day to see it in my rear view mirror
But my favorite picture during this period was this one of the Red-Tailed Hawk again its in the Cottonwood tree.

Quote of the Day ~
From Foyle's War 

[Andrew has joined his father on a fishing trip]
Andrew Foyle: I can't see the attraction of standing ankle deep in mud, trying to catch a fish too stupid to come any where near us.
Christopher Foyle: Don't underestimate the intelligence of the average trout, and besides, they can hear you from forty feet away, so please try and keep quiet!


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