Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Doctor Day

Somewhere around 1988 I had my left hip replaced. That's where the story begins. It's kind of a fairy tale story in a way. Bothered since High School by a sever case of Anklosing Spondylitis (arthritis of the spine) that manifested itself primarily in my left hip. It destroyed my hopes of becoming a great baseball player (probably unrealistic) and had played havoc in that hip for years and eventually started causing pain in my back. The hip had become so bad by 1988 I sought help and was referred to Hans Andersen (not the Hans Christiansen Anderson) who I think is one of the finest Doctors on earth. Well my fairy tale by Dr. Hans Anderson was he replaced my hip with a "bionic" one and since then there has been no pain in that hip. Well since we were in the area and the operation was done almost 18 years ago I wanted him to take a look and give me an idea of how it was holding up. So I drove to his office noting a banner on the wall of an apartment complex across from his office and took it as a good sign. It was and his estimate was that it should go another 35 years or so at which time I won't be doing too much dancing so I put on a big smile just like the banner and realized Han Andersen is still writing fairy tales.

On my way back to the RV I got this shot of the San Diego skyline from the hill near the Chula Vista KOA.

We then took off for Escondido and Ed's trip to Dr Kripps and ENT who would look into Ed's dizziness issue. Dr. Kripps was in this cool Medical Offices Building in downtown Escondido.

I really liked the weird stuff strung up over the entrance but wondered if I'd like it as much in a heavy wind since they are all metal pieces.

They are in all kinds of shapes and sizes and colors.

I did guess this one was either a Kokopelli, A fiddler or an ocean liner.

There were some nice muted colors in the faux stucco walls.

The moon was rising about 4:30pm over the building and made for a nice picture.

Inside the hearing tests for Ed were done and he and Sharyn waited to see the doctor .....

...along with George and Jill.

Not wanting to just sit around I took this picture in the hallway using different settings. This is the first setting using natural light.

The second using a flash and the incandescent setting.

And the last with a fluorescent setting. Interesting how camera settings can change the mood and lighting and color so much.

This pampas grass in the huge pot was amazing.

At both my earlier appointment in Chula Vista and in Escondido the elevators had a burnished metal interior that gave a 3D effect so for my artsy pic of the day we have the interior of an elevator.

No Scrabble tonight but we almost started a game twice.

Quote of the Day
Enjoy life. There's plenty of time to be dead. ~ Hans Christian Andersen Danish poet & fairy tale author (1805 - 1875)

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hey pop...those pictures from the hallway look really cool! I like the first one.



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