Friday, January 06, 2006

2nd, 3rd, L, 4th and H to the KOA

We got Pete's new address today so we found out where the Post Office was located in Chula Vista. It was on 3rd Avenue just past H street. We left from the KOA on 2nd Ave ( I don't like typing so I'll abbreviate Avenue to Ave) and went south past C Street, D Street, E Street, to F Street and hung a right (west) to 3rd Ave. Then right (south again) to the our San Diego bank at 3rd street and H street. There I sat in the car and wrote a letter to Pete while Sharyn did some high finance in the bank. We then pulled back out on 3rd Ave to the Post Office. While sitting in the lot while she mailed the letter to Pete I listened to the car alarm in the parking space next to me and took some pictures. I liked the glass front on the 3rd Avenue Plaza Building reflecting the deep blue sky.

I thought it was cool how the flag reflected off of the glass.

I liked the red blooms on the tree in front.

And the palm on the North end of the building and the huge tree in the distance.

Right next to the car was a beautiful yellow rose.

Just south of the 3rd Avenue Plaza was a cocktail lounge that looked like an old saloon (a word I used in scrabble last night).

Well we left the Post Office and headed south to L street where we took a right (west) headed for Broadway but the road was blocked by a serious accident at 4th Avenue and L street. We were forced to turn right (north) on 4th and followed it back to H street and turned left (west) having decided on the Jade Palace for lunch.

The Jade Palace doesn't look like much but the food is great. Bruce, Sharyn's cousin took us there with Sharyn's dear aunt Janet while she was still with us. Janet loved the Honey Walnut Shrimp and it's my favorite item on the menu there. So we sat at a table and I had to get a picture of this colorful fan on the pink wall....

... and the folding dragon on the ceiling.

We left the Jade Palace with full tummies and some great leftovers and headed east on H street to 2nd Ave and the KOA. After arriving Sharyn mentioned several times about how the guy across the way had been working on the RV all day cleaning it and even had washed the roof (hint hint) and was probably 10 years older than me. So I guess I know what to do tomorrow.

No Scrabble I was too tired after watching that guy working so hard *smile*

Quote of the Day
"For decades I plotted courses that never duplicated themselves. Some were out-and-backs, but a route looks different when you reverse directions. Usually I'd run a single big loop with new scenery every step of the way." ~ Joe Henderson Runner and Writer

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