Tuesday, January 24, 2006

El Torito

El Torito - a favorite place to eat and always colorful. I get a little ribbing about the camera being out all the time but I actually don't mind because I love the memories and the pictures that accidentally turn out better than expected. As anyone who has seen much of this blog knows I love vivid colors so El Torito is my kind of place.

Sunset from the parking lot was magnificent and though I didn't notice it the castle in the bay was in the picture to the right of the palm.

Another view of the front of the El Torito.

I lightened up this sunset picture a little.

I love the combinations of colors in this shot of the window.

And of the other decorative window.

Even this plain window was worth putting on the blog.

Inside the El Torito we sat in the bar area for Happy Hour and some great snack food (Tamales and Tacos) everything during Happy Hour was very cost effective so we splurged and even got some desert (flan) and some guacamole.

We had hoped Steven and Martha & Family could have joined us but Steven is working some long hours so they couldn't come. But we had Bruce and his friend (and ours as well) Diane, and Matt and Diana with us. Even the waiter got into the act taking a picture of us at the table.

After dinner I took a few night shots outside. This one is of the plain glass paned window...

...and this one of the shuttered window with a little post shot editing.

No Scrabble

Quote of the Day
"He, only, in a general honest thought
And common good to all, made one of them.
His life was gentle; and the elements
So mixed in him, that Nature might stand up,
And say to all the world,
This was a man!"
~ William Shakespeare, from Julius Caesar Greatest English dramatist and poet (1564 - 1616)

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