Saturday, July 30, 2005

There's that masked man again..........

There is that masked man again.........

Well it's Kevin getting ready for Santa!! Santa??? Yup the old Chief Ranger in Red rode in for a visit to the Lincoln Hall of the Drummer Boy Campground in July!! We didn't know this event was happening and hadn't prepared and one of the things we didn't have was a gift for the gift exchange. Colton's sister Madi had an extra gift and brought it for Kevin to use for the exchange.

This enabled Kevin to participate and he loved the chance to hang out with his buddy Colton. WoW how cool and so Kevin and his friend Colton were in line sit on Santa's lap and get a present and a candy cane.

Colton was a little younger so he went in the first group and Santa and Mrs. Claus got his request for Christmas and gave him a Basketball and Hoop set. Scott, Colton's father, managed to quickly start playing a game of hoops along with Coltin's mom, Monica, and Colton.

Next the wiley Kevin managed to win over Santa by not asking for a Red Rider BB-gun with a scope and a thing that goes pop averting the old phrase "You'll shoot your eye out kid"

Kevin got a pair of kites and gave one of them to Colton........

...... with the understanding Kevin would put them both together. Colton (He reminds me of a young Bart Moyers especially in this picture) and Kevin were pals through think and thin by the end of the day and later Scott and Monica took Kevin along in their golf cart to swim. Not to be outdone I donned my swim suit to join them (you will NOT see pictures of that scene).

Later that day we ate at T.G.I. Friday's in York because Kevin discovered (in eating my leftovers from the previous meal there) Sesame Chicken Strips and then dropped him off in York. It was a nice day topped of with a red sun at night (Sailor's Delight) a good sign.

Scrabble Score - Scrabble Queen 337 - The Contender 324 Oh Shucks!!!

Quote of the Day -
"The longer I live, the more beautiful life becomes" ~ Frank Lloyd Wright

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