Wednesday, July 13, 2005

More things to do than you can throw a stick at.....

Indoor plans again today so we drove up the main drag. We parked in front of our destination next to Stages West Western Store and saw the giant boot.

On the other side of the destination was the Happy Days Diner with a statue of Elvis on one side...

.... and on the other a statue of Marilyn Monroe and some older but distinguished gentleman.

Then there was the final destination "The Comedy Barn" with 3 shows daily.

The show had a great dog act like the tightrope walking dog....

... and another dog that looked like a unicorn. The trainer, Dawn Elberson, a New Jersey native assembled all the performing dogs from the animal shelter and has given them not only a new lease on life but fame and fortune. The dog on the red cushion is named Sierra the unicorn dog is Jay Jay and the daredevil on the high wire is Liberty. Their show was a mixture of great tricks and very funny humor.

The singing was great by Clyde Foley Cummins from Berea Kentucky, Debbie Bohanan Knoxville Tennessee, Steve Curry Claxton Tennessee and Ron Jeffery Calgary Alberta Canada.

I'd have to say our favorite was comedian Eric Lambert of Belle Chase, Louisanna who it's rumored was so poor growing up he wrestled an alligator just to get some shoes.

Even the children in the audience brave enough to volunteer got to perform a dance on stage.

Later Jim had a musical hats contest that was won for the first time today by a female contestant.

After the show we looked across the street at Lazerport Arcade and Pizza Planet Buffet. It looked like it also had mini-golf and the second most popular pastime in Pigeon Forge.........

Go-Cart Racing..........

Back at the RV Sharyn made Super-Nachos (yummy) and the kids took off for the pool with Matt.

Scrabble Score ~ Scrabble Queen 294 The lucky contender 346 (I got all the high point letters)

Quote of the Day "If I shoot at the sun I may hit a star" ~ P.T. Barnum

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