Friday, July 01, 2005

Dockside to B'learwa

Another great Tunnel under the water to Norfolk and Virginia Beach

to a nice seafood place on the docks do they called it

......Dockside Inn of course..

There were lots of boats and flags....


Some even lined up neatly by color...

I even got pegged talking in this picture with my Sierra and Ansley

Sierra decided to take my picture....

And actually managed to take a picture I liked (reminds of a Carly Simon Song - something about vanity) ...

Outside on the docks next door was this rather curious dockside object d'art

While across the bay was a great view of a home with a great harbor view

I loved the placement of the deck chairs........

We had a great time on the dock as Matt Smiled and Ansley danced..

Later after lunch we headed back north to Elaine of the Range's home to finally learn to make B'learwa (baklava) so we can take when we leave.

... There we were in all our glory the three Viel Brats in one place on earth at the same time and hoping to get them out West next time to enjoy our west coast humidity - there we call it rain - and some fun.

We broke camp and landed in the world of Thomas Jefferson and Monticello and are staying a nice campground called Misty Mountain in Crozet, VA. It's a nice place with Wireless Internet and very low water pressure.

No Scrabble

Quote of the Day
"Mr. Jefferson is the first American who has consulted the fine arts to know how he should shelter himself from the weather."
~ Marquis de Chastellux, a distinguished Frenchman who visited Monticello in 1782

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