Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Old MacDonald had a mini-golf course

Still no rain from Dennis and it was another hot day. We started off with a quick lunch (fast food) and played a round of golf at Dr. Hacker's very expensive mini-golf course but decided not to play a second round there since neither Matt or I had won the lottery. We did decide to go to the RV and get the camera and head back to Old MacDonald's Farm for a second round.

On the way there we passed a ride being worked on by to a couple of guys who are not afraid of heights.... By the way, that's the same Sky Flyer Ride we saw Matt and Ansley hurtling toward the ground on a few days ago.

.... and a T-Rex trying to bite the tail of a T-Rex skeleton

At the course we decided to play the udder course and Ansley had the honors.

Ansley was the only one of us to score a hole-in-one on both Dr Hacker's and Old MacDonalds courses.

Sierra was playing very well putting true and smooth but caught several unlucky breaks. I was very impressed with her improvement in the week we have been here.

As we finished the 9th hole we were buzzed by this flying pig (Sharyn loves the saying "When Pigs Fly")

We saw this scarecrow and his son somewhere around the 10th hole with their buddy Sherile Crow.

...and Jimmy duck was snorkeling between the 11th and 12th holes

The sheep were hanging out as we passed the 13th hole well behaved and none misbehaving.

The pigs were enjoying a day at the beach as we passed over the bridge to the 16th tee

Old MacDonald asked the girls to take a picture with him since they shot such great rounds today not to mention dropping off some loot on the course and in the game room.

Just as we were walking to the car a trolley came by for a picture.

Nice days are those I spend with our dear children (now adult) and our grandchildren - how special.

No Scrabble last night

Quote of the Day - "At the age of 19, you always think you are prepared for everything and you think you have the knowledge of what's coming ahead." Diana, Princess of Wales

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