Sunday, July 10, 2005

Pool, "the pool", and the pup

It was a slow day today, the kind of day I crave in the midst of commotion, emotion and the spectacular. Quiet days can be the perfect lead into a storm like the one approaching from the south. It's supposed to storm and rain the rest of our days in Pigeon Forge so everything is planned for indoor activities.

Today Matt and the girls went to the game room for a little pool.

Then to the swimming pool to cool off. Sierra levitated above the pool as part of her magic show. Just kidding, I am impressed at the girls ability to learn and it shows in the swimming pool. Sierra can jump from the side in the eight foot end and touch the bottom, learned the backstroke and is learning the freestyle.

Ansley, the fearless, grabs Matt's neck for an underwater swim across the pool.

.... and Sierra is still jumping into the poll Matt and Ansley cool off in the deep end.

Sierra's trick was the nose clips, freeing both hands to stroke the water evenly.

The trip back to the to the campsite we noticed all the things we can't throw away. Better keep the microwave and the etc.

We have seen lots of pets on our trip and this little guy was one of the best dressed.

A little later we played another game of pool, ate pizza and watched "School of Rock"

Scrabble Score Scrabble Queen a pitiful 263 to a pathetic 292 by the contender (I think we lost some letters.

Quote of the Day - "If I look deep enough I may just find something worthwhile within my mind" ~ Paul Viell

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Anonymous said...

your eyesight must be getting terrible. all you need to do is look into the faces of those that love you to see all that you are worth.


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