Saturday, July 16, 2005

Playground and the River

I walked down to the west prong of the Little Pigeon River to take a few pictures. While the river was a little murky it wasn't the light chocolate brown color it was just after the rains.

I managed to take a picture of half of a trolley crossing the river on the bridge next to our campgrounds on the way back to Pigeon Forge from Gatlinburg. If you look you can see its packed, they always are between these two cities.

The forecast was for scattered thunder showers and from the looks of these clouds the weather people were right but the showers didn't hit our neck of the woods and still hadn't at 11:30 pm (the current time) Earlier in the day Scrabble Queen (She's Baaaaaack) and I took the trolley to and from the grocery store to get the fixin's (that's my southern accent comming out) for Lasagna and Beef Stroganoff (our major meals for the next two days)

I was wondering why someone tied up this tree and on closer inspection I found out they were Christmas lights in plastic tubes.

After lunch I took the girls to the playground for a short while. They used up about two days worth of energy in about thirty minutes. On the jungle gym/slide apparatus.

I especially like this candid (not posed) picture of Sierra and the tee shirt says it all. If you can't make it out it says "Too Cute."

Ansley looked like the angel she is on the teeter-totter.

Just before we left I took this picture through the tube of one of the slides. I like this one because it's so typical of the area, wood, metal and plastic with beautiful green trees as the backdrop. Don't think I'm putting down Pigeon Forge though. The good thing with all the mini-golf, go-carts, shows and Dollywood is that it brings families together for fun and everyone visits the Great Smoky Mountain National Park (the only National Park without a fee and the most visited National Park in the U.S.) while they are here both adults and young people learn an appreciation of the gifts we receive from nature.

Scrabble Score - Scrabble Queen 357 - the crestfallen contender 322

Quote of the Day - "One day it will have to be officially admitted that what we have christened reality is an even greater illusion than the world of dreams." ~ Salvador Dali

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Diana said...

so sad to hear you guys have got so much rain lately
we have some pretty good weather now in Belgium , kinda to hot , but thats because we are not used to it i guess .
And your right Sierra is too cute and Ansley is an Angel ...i'm so happy they have an email account now , and the write me sweet mails .
I love that verry much ... enjoy this last week with them ; and next time i will be there to join the club ° wink °
the suppernanny lol
lots of hugs for everyone Diana


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