Monday, July 18, 2005

Everything's Ducky

After a good long swim we more or less did things around the campsite today
We were entertained at our campsite in the evening by a pair of Mallard Ducks. Mr. and Mrs. Waddle just walked into the campsite while we watched for about thirty minutes and finally broke down and the girls fed them some bread.

The Waddles seemed to be having a nice time and even did a dance.

The male Mallard is a beautiful bird with its shiny green head mahogany chest and white collar. It really is a treat to see one close up.

I really liked the 1980's Honda Spree our neighbors had. The man who owns it is an artist who evidently tinkers with old Sprees and resells them.

Looking closely at the picture I liked the reflective helmet, the Coke machine, the wagon wheel bench and the bricks in the wall. The door is to the women's showers.

Before I went in to play scrabble I shot this picture of the sunset on this nice uneventful day.

Scrabble Score - Scrabble Queen 309 - the elated contender 316

Quote of the Day -
"Ride boldly ride the shade replied if you seek for El Dorado"
~Edgar Allan Poe

1 comment:

Diana said...

hey ,
did Matt told you that ducks are 1 of my favorite animals ?
i used to have them when i was a lil' kid
tame once , she followed me everywhere , we walked like you do with a dog , Mieke was her name , i have lots of pictures of her , i used to put her in bath every day too lol
we didn't had a pond nearby
anyways , those are cute ....
have fun at this new campground even it's only for 2 days .
hugs Diana


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