Sunday, July 10, 2005

Sky Flying and the Helicopter

Okay!! Matt and Ansley announced they were going sky flying and Sierra wasn't going to try it because she didn't want to go. We were not quite sure what "Sky Flying was until we arrived. First Matt and Ansley were put in funny looking suits with straps and stuff all around.

Next they were told to "assume the position" and got frisked. Just kidding they were checking for size. I had to laugh looking at the picture and seeing Ansley's hair and part of her face.

Next they were positioned like "Superman and Super girl" and started getting towed up in the air with Ansley holding tight to Matt's arm.

After reaching the top they were released and dropped straight down....

And started swinging back and forth like super heroes....

Back and forth they flew several times and I was sure it must have been cooling on a very hot day.

Next we hit the helicopter pad just in time to catch a ride (Matt, Sierra and Ansley) into the sky.

....and off they flew in the "Big Bird" of Sevierville, TN for a quick trip aloft.

Matt took this picture just after take off and if you get a magnifying glass you can see Sharyn and I under the awning where the three paths from the pad come together (Sharyn in the white shirt and me to her right taking ............

...... picture of them

Over the river and a small island they flew for a good 4 minutes

With both girls smiling

Then down to earth

Safe and sound

It was a hot day and a good A&W Root beer and Coney dog were welcomed and a quite evening.

No Scrabble
Quote of the Day - "I am certain there is too much certainty in the world." ~Michael Crichton (1942 - ), State of Fear One of my favorite authors

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Diana said...

i'm so proud of the girls that they do all these scary things with there daddy .
Hopefully Matt wasn't sick like he was on the Antwerp fair ° wink °
i wonder why i am the only 1 who put comment , where is the rest of the familly ? aren't they following the trip?
Guess that makes me your biggest fan Paul ,
a big hug from Belgium Diana


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