Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The Yorktown Experience

The revolutionary war for all intents ended at Yorktown, Virginia on an October day when the American revolutionary army under George Washington with the help of the French army and navy defeated Cornwallis. We drove along the marked trail much like we did at Gettysburg. The first stop was the French cannon positions. At the outer positions.

as the battle went on cannon fire filled the air. The English were fortified behind mounds with spiked logs around the rim to help retard direct attack. The positions called "redoubts" we very difficult to over run.

The next stop was the Yorktown National Cemetery was kept beautifully to honor the soldiers put to rest in this most sacred ground.

the cemetery was bordered with a beautiful brick wall.

the American army moved to even closer positions only four hundred yards from the British redoubts where they blasted point blank. Near the forward positions we met Benjamin a modern day patriot.

the woods the spiked poles used for construction of the positions were stockpiled in an area called "The Deposit" shown on this marker nearby.

American positions were not much more than mounds constructed for maximum protection and ability to fire the cannons.

these positions looked very impressive.

Later along the road we caught a picture of a deer running into the woods near the Augustine Moore House the site of the British surrender.

The Augustine Moore House was beautifully preserved and the grounds were lovely.

Further along the way, in the 91 degree heat the new patriots our U.S. Coast Guard ( or Navy) men were jogging along the trail to keep in shape. I was very impressed as they ran at least 2 miles from where we first saw them and my guess was that was only a short part of the run.

My favorite picture on the drive was a creek running through the grasses a beautiful sight.

Matt and the girls along with Maggi and Nathan were at Busch Gardens amusement park from 8am till their return at 11pm.

Here are the girls at Bush Gardens and another standing on one leg picture - I think they take turns.

Maggi and Nathan were great to help Matt with the girls at Bush Gardens and I think they had their share of fun as well.

Sierra the future terror of the city streets.....

... and finally an owl picture Matt got for Scrabble Queen

Scrabble Score Scrabble Queen 321The contender 299
Quote of the Day
"“We may destroy all the men in America, and we shall still have all we can do to defeat the women."~ British General Lord Cornwallis

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