Friday, June 24, 2005

Swimming, Tuna and the " Big Pencil"

Today was a hang around the RV day. Matt and I ran to target to get the girls a movie (The Young Black Stallion) a really good children's movie with some spectacular photography. While we were at Target and getting lunch at Popeye's and Virginia BBQ, Scrabble Queen took the girls swimming. We all arrived at the RV at the same time and after lunch Matt took the pollywog's swimming again. After swimming again the girls showed up decked out in one of Matt's shirts (Ansley) ....

....and a towel large enough to be a bedspread (Sierra)

We all decided it was time to cook some Salmon Sharyn had purchased earlier...

We marinated it in a mixture of soy sauce and maple syrup and just before cooking sprinkled it liberally with black pepper. Cooked the skin side down for a few minutes after coating the grill with olive oil. Then filet side down for 4 - 5 minutes then basted the filet side once more with the soy/syrup mixture and cooked it about 5 minutes more on low.

Perfection and the meal was enjoyed by all. The girls swim like fish and have loved the Tuna Steaks and the Salmon so I guess the daughters of an Aquarius are fishes for sure.

Finally we watched "The Young Black Stallion" with Sierra cuddled on her dad's lap.

It was the perfect end to a nice day.

No Scrabble today (again)

Quote of the day -"Look there's a big pencil" ~ Ansley Coral Viel (on seeing the Washington Monument


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