Tuesday, June 21, 2005

ChuckECheese and the Black Lagoon

After suffering the sticker shock of King's Dominion and a slow start we decided on ChuckECheese for pizza and some fun

We first discovered Chuck E Cheese in Ogden, Utah way back in 1978 or so and it was the birthday place for years for the kids. Always fun, loud, and hectic even in the quite section. But plenty to keep the children entertained for a few hours and very colorful.

Of course little girls that would go absolutely berserk if they saw a mouse and happy to sit next to one in a car and have their picture taken. Both Ansley

... and Sierra held on to their cup of tokens for the picture

Sierra humored dad with a ride on the jet ski

They all scored high on ski ball

They left Chuck E cheese with a smile and some hard won prizes

Outside the Chuck E's there was a little lagoon complete with weeping willows,


.......and reeds

Later Matt dropped us off at the RV and took the girls to see Madagascar while we hung out. Matt brought us home a nice dinner of Cajun food and BBQ (yummy).

All in all a loud but relaxing day despite the fact that our bank's debit card was one of the one's recently hacked so that card is toast but we will solve that one creatively if possible or just stay here forever in Walmart parking lots.

No Scrabble Today

Quote of the Day
"Much of the vitality in a friendship lies in the honouring of differences, not simply in the enjoyment of similarities." ~ Anon

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