Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Teton Village to Rock Springs and High Winds

Like saying goodbye to my soul - I love the Tetons. I'll see you later my old friends.

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Our last Moose picture wasn't very clear so we took another on the way out of town.
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fake of course.

It was a pretty nice drive south east out of the Tetons. The road had several historical markers regarding the Oregon trail. We found a marker for the first white men to travel through the Sublette valley (see sign below)
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A little farther down the road we stopped at a turnout to commemorate the Oregon Trail and I shot this picture of smoke rising in the background. Reminded me of smoke signals so we decided to leave before we were attacked (just kidding)
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We stopped in Pinedale, Wyoming and went to the Mountain Man Museum located there. It was a very nice but smallish building so my hopes were not too high. I was really impressed by the quality of the exhibits. Very interesting artifacts and wonderfully interesting explanations and descriptions. I love this place worth visiting if you ever get up that way. There were interesting stories about the Mountain Man Rendevouz they had every year with the native Americans to trade for furs and swap stories, booze it up and cause general havoc. Kit Carson made his name there when he shot and killed a Huge French Trapper in a gunfight on horseback as a Renvevouz. They even had some great tepees set up outside the museum so I took a picture.
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The wind is blowing up a storm with gusts at 45 mph. Well I'm going to close for now and play scrabble - the score will be posted later tonight.

This score is just in Scrabble Queen 352 The Moron 342

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