Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Tetons, John, a moose on the loose

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My first brush with the Tetons was the movie "Shane" With Alan Ladd, Jean Austin, Van Heflin, Jack Palance, a very young Ben Johnson and introducing Brandon DeWilde. Sod busters and bad ranchers and the best bar room brawl since Spencer Tracey in "Bad Day at Black Rock." The real star of the movie was the Teton Mountain Range used as the backdrop. So visiting here again is like visiting old friends. The lakes (Jenny, String and Jackson), The mountains Moran, Grand Teton, Rockchuck Peak and Symmetry Spire and others. What makes the Teton Range so beautiful is that you can see the mountains from up close to 15 miles away and the view is magnificent. Most other places you can go into the mountains but you just can't see the majesty.

Today was a fantastic day to tour Teaton National Park. With the exception of some haze from the earlier rains. I have a million pictures of mountains (that IS the main attraction) so I'm not posting them all here for the sake of all mountain haters but I did set up a photobucket account for mountain lovers to see more than I will show here.

Click on this link to see the rest of the pictures in a larger size

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Jenny lake was as beautiful as I remember her, reflecting the mountains and sky beyond. When the lake is placid the mirrored reflections take your breath away. An older gentle man was taken to this spot by his son and as I was walking down to take pictures all he could say over and over was "I can't believe this, oh my!"

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The scrabble queen (she beat the moron again 348 to 287) spotted a young moose and got an interesting if not partially obscured picture as we drove by.

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Near the Buffalo Range I met a man named John who was from San Diego so we naturally, in the midst of all this natural splendor, talked about the San Diego real estate market.

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We also talked about a chance encounter he had with a buffalo and that he actually scratched the buffalo's head. While standing near a sign that read not recommended to approach animals. Before the long arm of the law tries to track down John that incident was years ago and not at the park.

After a full day of driving all of 60 miles within the park we returned to our campsite through Jackson, Wyoming.

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Jackson is a really cool place where you can have a Latte with your eco-awareness and buy your trendy clothing at Orvis instead of Walmart. It's also the location where Clint Eastwood and William Smith duke it out in "Any Which Way you Can" the sequel to "Any which way but loose."

The beauty of the park is worth seeing over and over and the town, while a little pretentious is a great place to visit. We give it four thumbs up because that's all the thumbs we have between us.

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Anonymous said...

first, as anyone who knows our beloved muse knows, he is no moron! he beats me many nights as he is much better than i at seeing the big picture. many a night, he will get a bingo - which means he uses all seven of the lettered tiles earning an extra 50 points. he says it is because of his good catholic school eduction lol!
hope you are enjoying paul's blog of our trip so far with his wonderful pics. sharyn


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