Saturday, May 28, 2005

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Not much of a picture - night one view of the pool and laundry at the Cascade Locks KOA from our RV

I really hope the rest of the trip isn't as frustrating as today. Arrived at camping world (with a reservation) to have a roof vent fan installed and an oil change. The reservation was for 10 am and they finally got it in at 11 after telling us the vent cover they had quoted 3 weeks ago would invalidate the warranty for the fan so add $50 to the bill cha-ching. At noon they were done and the RV was moved to the bay for an oil change.... they didn't have a filter in stock but one was brought in to Wilsonville(where Camping World is located) from Portland. Camping World is a good name for this place since we were camped on a grass island watching an hour job take 3 after starting an hour late.

Ok that was the bad news. Better news was that the KOA in Cascade Locks was ok (except for their carpenter ants) and partial lack of WiFi (internet connectivity) By partial I mean we could connect for about 1 minute at a time so I managed to get some email.

The really bright side is the driving was ok except for my wrong turn onto I84 going west instead of east. I was only about 10 miles out of the way. The drive along the Columbia river was beautiful making it all worth while.

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