Sunday, March 08, 2009

Sacramento Old Town - Matt & Diana

Matt and Diana arrived from Belgium last night and early this morning we visited Peter. It was a great visit them off we went to Old Sacramento the old town district in Sacramento, California.

We left in the morning from the Sacramento KOA Campground and visited Peter in Ione \

After that great visit we came back to Old Sacramento.

You could see the modern city beyond the old Pacific Rail Road Depot.

Matt, Diana and Sharyn posed for a quick shot...

... then hungrily ran over to the "Happy Pita Cafe" for some good Greek food made by a Lebanese family - Yum.

There were lots of carriage rides available and they all drove by while we ate...

...It looked like fun ...

... and there were plenty of riders.

They even had their own horse riding policeman.

Of course in Historic old tows there is always a tee shirt shoppe (I added the "E" since that looks historic) with very clever tee shirts.

The "Dean-o-holics" were in town but there was no mention of Jerry Lewis on their trailer. They will be at the Backdoor Saloon in Sacramento's Original Martini/Piano Bar (Behind the Firehouse Restaurant) so if you can make it bee there. You can find their website by clicking [Here]

Then there were the motorcyclists...

... and it looked like a gathering of the two wheeled steel horses...

...but some even had three wheels...

.. No really ! Three wheels.

It is a very nice place for a walk or shopping or food.

There are cute stores with names like Buffalo Bob's...

... or Stage Nine.

There are some really interesting street entertainers...

... like this young guy, playing his guitar and getting a tip from a young lady.

This older gentleman was very, very good and I loved listening to him play and even dropped a couple of bucks in his guitar case.

Alexei Patrick (Last name unknown) was talking with Sharyn who was standing next to the mini-musemobile when I shot this. Patrick and I talked for awhile as Sharyn and I waited for Matt and Diana to finish shopping.

Patrick was a very interesting gentleman who told me he was born on St. Patrick's day in 1942. He said he used to be a teacher then told me a message he had given all of his students. The advice was to buy an uncirculated roll of pennies every year from the time they were 6 until when they were 18. He told them to never unwrap the rolls and leave them untouched and they would pay for their college education. I decided to look this up and here is what I found.

"Will uncirculated pennies be worth money someday?

If they are nice gem examples, they will likely be worth something, however with the huge quantities minted every year, they will never be worth alot. They will always be considered common.

You can take for example an original uncirculated ROLL of 50 pennies from 1960 has a current wholesale value of only 65 cents -- that's less than 1.5 cents per coin -- and that's IF you can find an interested buyer. "

I like Patrick but somehow I don't think I'll invest in Pennies.

No Scrabble - yet

Quote of the Day ~
“I am an old man in a small town in Cambodia. I don't want to cause any trouble for anybody. But I do have my own beliefs which, if I can, I will tell people about.” ~ Roger Graham

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