Sunday, March 01, 2009

Creswell Library Art Show

Friday February 27 was the opening of the Art Show at the Creswell Library.

Helen, the Editor of the Creswell Chronicle was there for the festivities.

There were many pieces on display for this juried show. Mine, both taken at Yellowstone National Park, were the two to the right of the beautiful sunflower picture.

Even the stacked chairs were artistic.

The leftmost picture here had already sold.

This cute thing was not there for the art but was a creation at the Library titled "Miss Information"

The Creswell Library has installed a picture hanging system that works really great. Its a rail that runs at the top of the walls with wire hanging lines.

You can see it at the top of this picture. Its very simple and very nice.

As you can see here the show was in the library with shelves lined with books of adventure, drama, comedy, information and anything in print you need. If it's not here the Library staff will help you find it.

They have a great electronic catalog system as well as personal help if necessary.

For today they also had cake and drinks to wash down the crumbs.

There was a great crowd of friendly folks from the Creswell community.

I really like the Children's Cave (my name for it) just inside the door to the library

On the way home I snapped this shot of three red barns off of Dale Kuni road and then called it a day.

No Scrabble.

Quote of the Day
"Information is the currency of democracy." ~ Thomas Jefferson

I would add that a library is the bank of information that will make is wealthy

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