Saturday, March 28, 2009

Rumaki Day on the Ranch

George fired up the grill for his specialty Rumaki and it is a very special recipe he has indeed.

Chicken livers wrapped in bacon with a water chestnut enclosed. It sounds pretty standard but his marinade is the key and that's a secret along with his cooking ability on the grill...

...also a great talent and voila...

... super delicious Rumaki. Thank you George it was great.

Somehow George came across these preserved hawks...

... they are beautifully done and very old.

This bear made of glass was on a shelf in the garage so I took it outside for a walk and a picture. I really like the color in the picture coming through the bear.

Jill likes sun gods and picked these up during her Southwestern days (from age 10 through today) and had these two hung up outside the garage.

Inside the garage Jill was clipping and washing this poor unsuspecting dogie. Actually this sweet but forlorn pup was a trooper and in the end after dried looked very happy and looked great.

I had to pull back for a great picture of Jill's expression when she knew I was taking a picture.

I went for a little photo trek around the house getting these leaves in a potted plant ...

... this orangish-yellowish hose and ...

...this great copper whirly-gig with a great patina on top and coppery finish on the bottom.

I liked these old bottles set in a basket with wood shavings. I though it made a great display piece inside Jill and George's home.

I also got these potted flowers as the sun was going down and ...

This Texas Star mobile.

Two other guests at Jill's were Brawley (Black) and Tahoe (tan) Jesse and Janell's two pups.

With four dogs (when you add Wendy and Annie) comes a little time with the pooper-scooper so Jesse did the duty as the sun finally set.

I got one more picture of the Musemobile (our Winnebago Sightseer [still waiting for a Winnebago sponsored trip] glowing in the sunset and the Mini-Musemobile (Honda Odyssey) basking in the shadow of the mountains to the west.

No Scrabble but the contender did go over 6,000,000 points on his Jardinians PC game.

Quote of the Day
"He was an innovator, an experimenter, a missionary in bringing the gospel of good cooking to the home table." ~ Craig Claiborne was an American restaurant critic, food writer and former food editor of the New York Times.

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