Thursday, March 12, 2009

From California to Texas

Picking up where I left off...

It was time to leave Matt...

... and Diana and leave Sacramento and head down the road. We drove across some of California, staying at a small RV park just after crossing over the Tehachapi Pass.

I did get a shot of the wind farm at the top of the pass. We had a long drive through Barstow, Kingman, Arizona finally stopping in Williams Arizona. It was really cold there so I decided to avoid frostbite and didn't take any pictures until we reached New Mexico.

We finally stopped near sunset in Santa Rosa, New Mexico for a second below freezing night at an RV park we had stayed in three years ago. Nice place they even brought some BBQ ribs to the door of the RV - How cool is that!

We left New Mexico after getting one good shot of the terrain.

Now this is Texas and when we got to Bushland I had to get a shot for our host in Ft. Worth Aunt Vivian.

I did like this picture Sharyn took of the Bushland tower better, so giving credit where it's due, thanks Sharyn.

One really cool building along the way was this Texas Travel Center just East of Amarillo. It is hard to tell but what looks like a sandstone formation is really colored bricks. The longhorns are iron sculptures.

Now here's something you should know about Texas highway travel, This is NOT a rest area but a Picnic Area. The Rest Stops are bright new and have vending machines, restrooms and even Wi-Fi. I do like the Picnic Areas since we are driving in the RV and have our own enclosed lunch room with facilities so we are fine with a place to park.

I did get out, in the cold, and took some pictures of the Barbed Wire fence...

... and those barbs are sharp...

... and the posts are often made from any wood available in the area.

Near the close of the day we stopped in Chillicothe for some Texas Pecans at a place that also carried cute Texas stuff.

Sharyn spotted this really nice mural on the side of an old brick building. Sharyn was actually born in Chillicothe - but not this one the one in Missouri.

There were several old brick buildings in Chillicothe like this one with a Masonic Seal at the top...

... and this cool tree on the side.

We are almost to Vivian's and should get there about Noon tomorrow (Friday the 13th) Yikes! Actually I don't believe in bad luck signs so I'm sure all will go well.

No Scrabble

Quote of the Day ~ I sometimes wish we had more time when we travel from destination to destination and not get locked into any one place at any particular time. and not being able to stop to see the unexpected surprise it reminds me of this quote.

"I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel's sake. The great affair is to move." ~Robert Louis Stevenson


Michelle said...

it's funny how some of the brick buildings look just like downtown new england mill towns . . .give my love to "aunt" vivian . .. meant to say the same for Matt and Diana - are they ever coming East?

Nancy Heltman said...

When you get close to Virginia, let us know. We can coordinate some publicity for your blog and ours and celebrate your life of RV travel. We can probably get some of our Park Friends Groups to welcome you. Glad I found out about your blog on Twitter. Nancy Heltman, Virginia State Parks,,

bermudabluez said...

Hi there! GREAT pics and nice blog! Found you on twitter...I'll have to add you to my list! Thanks!


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