Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Desert Rats

So we left Fort Worth and Vivian's home Tuesday but not after trying to get another picture of the Cardinal that has blessed us our days in Texas...

Or one of the several squirrels that grace the trees in Vivian's back yard.

West Texas is a little like the Autobahn but there is a limit 80 mph.

The rest areas in Texas also make sure you don't do nay improper grazing of livestock on public land. I never say these in Oregon.

We camped in Van Horn, Texas at a really nice RV park. Wednesday (today) we drove through El Paso and then through New Mexico. The drive in New Mexico was a breeze with the smoothest stretches of Interstate 10 and a few huge safety corridors where speeding fines were doubled. Fortunately I received no tickets and will send a complementary letter to Bill Richardson for the fine care of the roads.

Just outside of Tucson I stopped for a break and a Pepsi at a rest area surrounded by huge boulders and rock formations.

I zoomed in for a closer look.

Well we made it to Arizona City, Arizona after a wild ride through the always under repair Interstate 10 within the city. We finally made camp after a long day driving and tomorrow it's on to San Diego and Valley Center.

No Scrabble

Quote of the Day
"We drove all day across the desert between Van Horn and Arizona City and I learned is that the desert is beautiful at sunrise and sunset and everything in between is either unbelievably hot during the day and often very cold at night. I can't wait to get to the coast again." ~ This Author

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Michelle said...

the drive across the desert into San Diego is so beautiful! take lots of pictures for me!


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