Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Lone Star State and More

So here we are in North Richland Hills, Texas and we finally get to meet Zeke. What a wonderful happy child full of grace and energy.

Then there is the proud Granny Monica who it was so great to see again. Sharyn's cousin has been her "buddy" since childhood sometimes taking train trips to Earl and Harriet's farm in Missouri. I've known Monica since I found Sharyn many moons ago and she is always a pleasure to see and talk with.

When you put Monica and Zeke together you have enough energy and smiles to last a lifetime - very special.

Now here is something we haven't seen in years a cardinal that hangs out in Vivian's back yard. What a pleasure to see.

We drove over to Monica's home and guess who was visiting? Zeke was there with Jill and Mason (I need pictures and will get some for the next blog). We had a wonderful dinner and just enjoyed the evening.

Monica was all stoked up about her "kids" made the newspaper as part of the "Special Olympics. Now how cool is that.

I walked outside for a few pictures of whatever I could find. I just loved these leaves in front of Monica's house.

There was the bejeweled butterfly in her garden for a special creative touch.

What is Texas without Azaleas in full bloom - just wonderful.

Well it is spring and everything starts to grow even the notorious dandelion.

Yes this IS Texas - nuff said.

Now this was a surprise - Lucas, Bart's son was in town on vacation. I snapped a picture of Meridith taking a picture of Lucas.

Lucas and Meridith were all smiles for this picture two very neat people with so much ahead of them and so much to give this world.

Vivian was so pleased to see Lucas here in North Richland she was beaming. I had not seen Lucas since 7th grade when Bart and Becky were living in the San Dimas area of California so it was pretty special to see him tonight.

No Scrabble

Quote of the Day ~
Cherish your human connections - your relationships with friends and family.”
~Barbara Bush

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