Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Gaylord Center

Vivian Took us to a fantastic place today it's known as The Gaylord Texas Resort and Convention Center.

The Gaylord Texas Resort is centrally located between Dallas and Fort Worth Gaylord Texan and is an great location for meetings, conventions and events of all sizes. As the most technologically sophisticated resort hotel in the Southwest, Gaylord Texan boasts over 400,000 square feet of flexible meeting

Walking in you can't help but notice the replicated Alamo across the courtyard. The center is totally covered and climate controlled. It hosts over 1,500 hotel rooms and several restaurants.

One Eatery is the Texas Station but we were looking for the River walk.

Under the huge roof was one Oil Well of all things.

The Alamo facade was very well done and added a familiar touch to the surroundings.

I like in particular the plantings withing the structure like this beautiful bromeliad.

There were man made creeks and even a water fall or two that added to the beauty if this man made but natural looking environment.

This is another example of the beautiful surroundings and the plants that add color to the palate of the center's developers.

We walked around a bit and finally found the Riverwalk. Looking down on the folks enjoying a meal did remind me of the Riverwalk in San Antonio.

The tables were all outdoor and it almost fooled me into believing were didn't have the huge roof over our heads.

As we were seated I noticed a gentleman dressed in costume doing card tricks at one of the tables. Later I talked with him awhile and found out his name was Jerry Guyer and he is a "Magical Entertainer" from the Dallas Area. He does have a web site at:

There was a fountain in the courtyard of the Riverwalk with flowers along the rim and a really nice group playing soft music ...

... as we dined. Yup that's Vivian and Sharyn to the right of the fountain.

We had a wonderful wait person named Rachael who provided excellent service and is due to deliver in May. We wish her an easy and good delivery and a perfect child to match her smile and thoughtful service.

On the way out we walked through a hallway looking for the elevator up and found the interior of the hotel warm and soothing with a touch of the old west in both paintings and decor.

There was a beautiful fountain that was situated one flight up from the Riverwalk.

Looking back down it was a recreation of the old west and covered wagons hidden in deep canyons of sandstone.

Here is a longer range view of the canyon still under one roof.

There were several of these white leafs mixed in with the greenery.

There was even a miniature railroad running through a town...

... complete with a service station of the miniature cars.

On the way back to Vivian's home I got this shot of a monument that stands on the old Denton Highway (377) and ...

This neat old Texas house Sharyn had spotted on the way to Gaylord's.
Still no Scrabble
Quote of the Day

"The benefits of education and of useful knowledge, generally diffused through a
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