Wednesday, August 10, 2005

We stayed in a nice RV park in Elk City, Oklahoma called Elk Creek RV park. It was nice and had all the things we like about a park, full hookups (Water, Electric, Sewer), Great satellite reception, and Wireless Internet a the site. Nothing exciting except for the magnificent sunrise.

Of we went on our journey toward the west coast of the United States, out of Oklahoma into Texas where we saw the "The Largest Cross in the Western Hemisphere. It is just outside Groom, Texas. It's 190 feet tall and can't be missed from I-40. It looks brand spanking new and appears to be made of metal sheeting. It's on the west side of town" - anon 1998

The leaning water tower is on the east. We passed it just before seeing the Cross

We drove into Amarillo needing an oil change in the Onan generator and we found a great RV service place called Jack Sisemore RV. Ray Graham the service manager got us in with one day notice and if you know RVing that was a miracle. On the way there the Musemobile was wounded by a flying rock to the windshield. Fortunalely it was only a flesh wound and "The Great" Ray phoned a windshield repair man, loaned us a truck to go get some lunch and had everything done when we returned. We Texans may brag a bit too much but there are no better people on earth at being friendly.

Lunch in Amarillo means only one thing Dyer's BBQ. I think in all the trips across country this is the one place we have visited most.

The horse outside was like the Cows in Hershey, The Ducks in Eugene and the Penguins in Tulsa and was part of a community fundraising effort. This one was especially nice. The left side of the horse had a painting of cowboys around the chuck wagon eating. The other side depicted a cook burning some beef steaks.

Having finished giving a transfusion and first aid to the Musemobile we went to our stop for the night, Santa Rosa RV Park and Restraunt (The food was great and the chef was trained in France)located in Santa Rosa New Mexico. It is a very nice park in keeping with the Southwestern Style. I especially liked the varieties of cactus around the park.

The broken fluffy clouds at our arrival were soon to give way to a huge dark blue/grey mass of clouds and a stiff wind coming from the southeast behind these two towers just as the sun was going down.

It was spectacular show overshadowing the beautiful sunrise at the beginning of the day.

There is something about sunsets and sunrises in the desert southwest that can take your breath away.

It's no wonder the early settlers risked life and limb just to live in this "Land of Enchantment" called New Mexico.

Quote of the Day -
"This is one of the miracles of love: It gives a power of seeing through its own enchantments and yet not being disenchanted." ~ C.S. Lewis Author of The Chronicles of Narnia and other writings

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