Saturday, August 06, 2005

Brookville Ohio

Brookville, Ohio

The Spitler House is a Brookville architectural landmark, a carefully preserved example of the Queen Anne-style home rarely found in small Midwestern towns. Samuel Spitler, according to the historical marker out front, was a self-taught plumber, and "is credited with installing Brookville's first indoor bathroom in his home" in 1894.

The Spitler House also harbors a dark secret... or at least, an embarrassing one.

It is the fanciful home of Andy D-Day, a once-famous freak bull long believed lost or destroyed. Andy is here, what's left of him, along with another legendary Brookville freak, the Two-Headed Calf.

After the shock of realizing we were in the center of the first home with indoor plumbing and bathroom (in Brookville not the world) and the Freak Two Headed Bull. I went about documenting the pond at the KOA campground. It had a couple of beautiful willows and nice still water for reflecting shots.

One of them in the differing light and point of view .........

...and another from closer was amazingly dissimilar

I liked this picture of the jungle gym across the pond....

...and a little farther away these little girls and their mom feeding dome ducks (the ducks looked like dots after reducing this picture so I cut them out)

There was also this little boy and his dad fishing and later his older brother Isaac came to help the little boy land a "big" fish that got away.

Everyone else in the park was watching TV or at the bingo game at the rec hall. Sharyn and I were pretty tuckered out after the Musemobile lost power just after we left Madison KOA last night. We had to pull over to the shoulder. After turning the engine off it started just fine and an anxious 30 minutes passed as we called Winnebago 24 hour service for help. We were told that if the oil was ok, which it was, not to worry and see how it did the rest of the day and it never skipped a beat. I guess we are ok but time will tell.

Scrabble Score - The Vicious Scrabble Queen 349 - the Wobbly Contender 330.

Quote of the Day -
"Slow down and enjoy life. It's not only the scenery you miss by going to fast - you also miss the sense of where you are going and why." ~ Eddie Cantor

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