Thursday, August 11, 2005

New Mexico

Nice start to the day. Beautiful sky and a coolish feel in the air. Before we left Santa Rosa I took one last shot of the clouds to the west reminding me of the vistas in the west I love so much.

Down the road a bit was Albuquerque and we stopped at a Supercuts to trim a bit of the trip away and to eat at the Papadeaux in town. Papadeaux is a Cajun restraunt created by a Greek in Texas named Pappas who made his fortune selling James Coney Islands and the family branched into great cuisine with Pappas Seafood, Pappadeaux and Pappasitos (Mexican Food)

West of Albuquerque we stopped to take a picture of a nearby pueblo and saw these stands next to the rest stop. There was only one open and in business and it reminded me of my trips out west when I was a boy and how much I liked to see the Navajo blankets, turquoise and silver jewelry, Kachina dolls and intricate jars from shops just like these. I remembered especially a series of stands with the Painted Desert as the backdrop. There was a city block of the stands it seems to me and I think along with the natural wonders all around like the Grand Canyon, Petrified Forest and Painted Desert it was the "Indians" that most impressed me with a sensibility for beauty. It is a sad thing to see these simple exhibits now gone or in curio shops so overstocked and devalued I can't stop in them anymore.

At the stop I took a couple of pictures of a pueblo to the north. I'm not sure of the name but it was, I think part of the Acoma Pueblo.

Behind the Pueblo and behind a ridge was another great vista that looked like Mount St. Helens but felt like a dream of exploding marshmallows in a dark blue bowl or maybe just another beautiful view.

The drive was nice and not too hot and by the time we reached the "USA RV Park on Historic Route 66" the sky was threatening. We were not disappointed by the clouds and just after we hooked up and settled in we heard thunder and it started raining.

I just wanted to add this picture from Santa Rosa in a larger format I hate having to reduce the size of the pictures but the blog really gets sick when I make them too big. I hope you like the picture.

Scrabble Score - The Scrabble Queen 300 The Contender 290 (shucks)

Quote of the Day
"A very great vision is needed and the man
who has it must follow it as the eagle seeks
the deepest blue of the sky." ~ Crazy Horse

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