Sunday, August 14, 2005

Tanks for the memories

After entering California from Arizona we stopped for Ice to keep our drink cooler cold and were treated to a view of the past. The George S. Patton Memorial Museum that was established was established to honor the late General George S. Patton and the thousands of men who served with him at the Desert Training Center and overseas. The museum, is located off Interstate 10, about 30 miles east of Indio at Chiriaco Summit, which was the entrance to Camp Young, command post for the Desert Training Center during World War II. It reminded me of the time I spent at Fort Irwin with a computer company I worked for several years in the past.

There is an exhibit of tanks on the site from this M60 Patton tank

To this Czech Republic tank

Some like these M60s are camouflaged for desert warfare.

The US Army M-5a1 Stuart Light Tank was one of my favorites and it was very small compared to the other tanks.

I think this was a Patton Tank maybe a M46

And this one probably a M-47

They are fantastic machines of great power and it's no wonder they had such a huge impact on how wars were fought.

A little further down the road we came to the "Wind Farm" near Indio/Palm Springs as we drove along the Sonny Bono memorial freeway.

We finally arrived in Escondido to cooler air and a week of rest - maybe.

Scrabble Score - Scrabble Queen (at the top of her game) 346 - The Contender 254 (ouch)

Quote of the day
"Be careful what you pretend to be because you are what you pretend to be." ~ Kurt Vonnegut

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