Friday, August 12, 2005

Gallup towards Phoenix

We woke up in Gallup New Mexico and decided Kingman, Arizona was always hot so we looked for another path to San Diego. The one we decided on was to take Interstate 40 to Flagstaff and then Interstate17 to Phoenix and across Interstate 10 then down the 215. It worked really well and we were averaging 20 miles per gallon all the way from Flagstaff to Phoenix (all down hill except for one uphill grade). Along I40 we saw an unusual formation of clouds. One small cloud above another and aligned so they created a straight lined shadow in the sky.

It could have been a vapor trail and dirty emissions from a plane but the shadow thing sounds better.

We met with a shower or two on the drive and passed Petrified Forest, Painted Desert, Meteor Crater and the Dinosaur Park in Holbrook............. and of course Grand and Walnut Canyons near Flagstaff.

We missed this picture but I found it on Bill and Barbara Windsor's web site called "Round America" at day 33

On the way down to Phoenix we passed near the red rocks of Sedona and I remembered the striking "Chapel of the Holy Cross" designed by Frank Lloyd Wright (one of my favorite people). We had visited the chapel the past and it's amazing.

We finally arrived in Phoenix, cooled off the Musemobile, made tuna sandwiches and chicken noodle soup, watched a little TV("Hardball" on MSNBC and "Monk"), and took a desert sunset picture and I stayed up to write my blog.

Tommorrow we will be in Escondido. (not San Diego as I keep saying)

No Scrabble - Scrabble Queen was feeling a little under the weather from the heat (99 feels like 100) and the previously chosen route through Kingman looked pretty good after we got here their high was 74 and our low tonight is expected to be 80.

Quote of the day-
A friend's eye is a good mirror. ~ Celtic Proverb

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