Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Escondido - Palms, Wagon Wheels, The moon and Golf

Well here we are in Escondido at our favorite RV campground (actually camping is not what you call this kind of an RV place Resort may be a better term) and as usual they have great landscaping.

Our neighbor across the street just got a nice Studebaker he is restoring. Nice man and he is a dentist whose practice is in the area.

Driving around Escondido at night and at the corner of El Norte and Center City Parkway, stopped at a light I got this picture of the moon.

Later I got this picture of the moon while standing in front of the Musemobile.

I drove Ed home one night and, again at a traffic light got a picture of the Wagon Wheel Restaurant. It's a place we have visited often at breakfast with Jill.

At the Musemobile that night I tried to get a night time shot of our patio area.

I picked up Ed at his place and on the way there got a shot of a row of Palms from the hill...

...and one of Escondido with the Hospital in the distance.

I got this picture of Ming Volvo a nice place we patronized when we lived here. Nice people great work at a reasonable price. This one is for Isaac Andrew who may have developed his interest in cars talking with Ming.

The Palm Tree Lodge may have to change their name to the Azalea Lodge if the Azaleas finish devouring the Palm.......

...or maybe we can move this one in to take it's place.

The wide and busy Center City Parkway

I really enjoyed going with Ed to hit some golf balls at the Vinyard Course. I borrowed a left handed driver and was really happy with my shots and Ed is still Mr Consistency with his irons dead center and nice distance. The second day we went we were hitting balls at the driving range next to some kids taking Junior Golf Lessons. This little girl was next to our tee box and was hitting the balls very straight and pretty long for her age.

No Scrabble the last two nights.

Quote of the Day -
"There are two things that won't last long in this world, and that's dogs chasing cars and pros putting for pars" ~Lee Trevino

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