Saturday, August 20, 2005

Pete and the Jumping Cholla

We saw Peter today in Lancaster. His housing is in the distance and is in the grey buildings an appropriate color. It was a good visit and he looks great. Told us he had another tooth pulled and it still hurts a bit after a few days. He said how great it was to get the Frankenstein Books from Kathy and the Jimmy Buffet book and one other from Elaine and he's already read both Dean Koontz's Frankenstein books. He's quit smoking and thinks he's gained weight but he looked great and didn't look like he gained weight so much as he's filled out a bit. He's enjoying the new job and enjoys getting out in the fresh air.

After leaving we stopped at Jack in the Box for a tea and coke. While in line I took this picture of the huge movie theater across the street.

As we left Jack to feed the world I spotted a Jet on display and took this picture. I'm not sure what it was but it looked really cool.

California - what can I say about the biggest recreation in the state - Cell Phones and here is a fake tree Cell Tower ... not as good as the palm tree towers but interesting none-the-less.

We stopped at a gas station in the desert East of Lancaster somewhere between Pearblossom and Little Rock and caught this interesting 18 wheeler trailer run by Taco Bravo Motorsports. I especially liked the race car looking vent on the top.

I looked this up and think it's a "Jumping Cholla/Teddy-Bear Cholla- Opuntia bigelovii. Contrary to popular myth, the plants do not fling themselves at you, but they are disturbingly easy to pick up when brushing by. Tiny recurved barbs lock the spines into skin." Yea I know and they are sharp and will go through Tennis shoes. I found out about them in Borrego one year - Ouch!!!

Don't walk across here the sign says. I wondered if I tried if I'd get hit by a Sailplane. Sounds like a fun thing to do but not today.

This is the backside of Los Angeles. Just on the other side of this desert and these mountains is one of the most populated and densely packed cities in the world. You just couldn't tell from this side if you didn't know.

I love these tilted rocks and they remind me of so many movies and TV shows. I remember at least two Star Trek original series shows shot here.

End of the day and we were too tired to play scrabble so we went to Rubio's Fish Taco place for our anniversary dinner. We are saving Commander's Palace for our fortieth next year.

Quote of the Day
Tell that someone that you love, just what you're thinking of, If tomorrow never comes. ~ Garth Brooks from the song If Tomorrow Never Comes

Love you Sharyn

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