Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Cannon Beach and Terrible Tilly

The first things I noticed in Cannon Beach were the flowers. Lacey,
Tall and bold,
Sun shiny,
Weird and
The last bunch of Hydrangea were behind this Seal sculpture...
On the road to our lunch spot a cafe named Seasons...
...a really nice ...
... Cafe...
...with a musical atmosphere...
Jimi rocks.
In the hallway were some great works by an Iranian artist from California...
...named Hessam Abrishami and I love his work.
"Hessam studied in Italy - a place he considered "the center of art in Europe." It was in Perugia, Italy that he studied and completed his Master's Degree in Fine Arts at the Accademi De Belle Arti "Pietro Vanucci."
Cannon Beach is the only place I've been that has Information Aids on Bike.
Near the Cafe was a great yarn shop with these great "Soul Socks"
The look of the shops in Cannon Beach is almost an old New England port look.

I think there is a shop or "Shoppe" for almost everything
Next we took off for Ecola State Park where I thought I saw a Canary but it was almost a stalk of what we think was Cow Parsnip
Of course this is the Oregon Coast so I saw a few twisted trees...
... and lots of huge rocks in the ocean.
...and these nice ladies, I found out later, were from the Midwest and enjoying our Oregon sights ...
... and this Midwest lady, Sharyn, was spying on me from 300 yards away...
... were were all looking at "Terrible Tilly" the killer Lighthouse well worth looking up in the library or even on Wikipedia
I was astounded by this huge tree with what looked like giant stickers
The trail turned from gravel to slick, damp soil (almost mud) as I got closer to the coast...
...but the walk was well worth the reward looking at Terrible Tilly from up a littler closer (1.2 miles)...
Tilly sits off Tillamook Head the large foothill in the background.
I did find another Pelican island
... with a secluded beach
...and the signs of an uplift... one of the most beautiful places on earth - By the way the little spot top center right is the lighthouse...
...Named Terrible Tilly

Quote of the Day ~ There is a song for Tilly by the "Rum Rebellion" and these are the Lyrics - Look up the performance on You Tube:

The Tale of Terrible Tilly

"I tell you now a story true, a tale of three brethren born
Who lived within a lighthouse built upon a spur of stone
Ten miles out to sea, life was brewed with misery
When they tended Terrible Tilly back in 1943

The three men had heard stories from the women who had cried
How their husbands went to build the light, but many of them died
Bodies swallowed by sea, such an awful tragedy
And how that rock was an evil place the living should not be

And the waves were crashing round them through the belly of the storm
With the water rising on all sides they were praying for the morn
The spirits and the wind were wailing up a ghostly song
As they tended to the light, but kept on wishing for the dawn

Their residence began there in November of the year
And soon they came to know that they had very much to fear
Ghosts would haunt them in their dreams, terror frozen in their screams
While the days were growing darker and the rain came down in streams

It took the three a fortnight to believe that the place was cursed
And with winter fast approaching, they got ready for the worst
With a tempest beating down, would they live or would they drown
And would their souls be trapped forever and their corpses never found

When the devil wants a dance with you, you dance ‘til the music stops
But the three went out into the storm and left that cursed rock
Soon they sunk beneath the waves, crushing black became their graves
And the light of Terrible Tilly, it was never lit again"

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