Saturday, August 02, 2008

August 1 - First Friday Art Walk

I left a little late for the Art Walk and had to run by the Barack Obama HQ to try and find Mandy to return her backpack that was left at the Cowboy Festival.

Well that made me a little late for the Art Walk but time enough to go by The Karin Clarke Gallery. I had visited there the other day but didn't get a chance to look at the paintings of Make Clarke.

I had seen some of the landscapes earlier but had not seen the paintings on the south wall.

This gentleman was looking at the Mark Clarke paintings I was more familiar with.

I really liked this style Mark had used. Bold and brilliant were the words that came to mind looking at Red Vest.

Looking at this piece with the plant in the foreground is a great example of how well this painting would look in a home or office setting.

This painting titled "Young Woman" had a very subtle beauty and I thought it may have been a painting of Karin. I did ask and she said she never asked her father if it was her. I almost felt silly for asking but then Karin told me her husband said he also thought it looked like her.

I barely had enough time to venture across the street to the Karin Clarke Annex to see what was on display there.

There were these paintings by Robert Schlegel one of my favorite artists that were in an earlier show.

I didn't get the name of this artist because they were closing but I woman and the light were a perfect play of colors.

This was an interesting vase by Faye Nakamura titled "Blooming Willow Vase"

There are the socialites in the Gallery and the "down and out" guy laying in the alley what a powerful image. Actually the guy in the alley is Frank, a friend of Vern, the fearless leader of the First Friday Art Walk group. Frank was posing in the alley for fun and didn't know I had a camera.

With the art galleries closing down people were finding Perugino a place where for coffee/tea or something stronger could be had while chatting about the art walk or life in general.

It's really darker than the picture looks and this is the White Lotus Gallery with some visitors still milling around.

I managed to stop Karin as she was locking up the gallery and managed to use my camera in the fading light to get a shot of her great smile and personality.

Another spot for coffee was Starbucks here in Eugene.

Vern, Renee and I headed to the usual spot the Cafe Xenon.

As I was leaving I noticed the really nice sign at Ambrosia a nice Restaurant & Bar across Broadway from Cafe Xenon

Broadway is a really great street to walk from Ambrosia all the way down past the Plaza at Willamette Street and on to the Obama Headquarters for Lane County. The street, like Willamette is great for galleries and great places to eat.

There are great old building and cool looking street lights.

There are white string lights in the trees in this section and at night it's a little like a wonderland.

I could come here every night just to sit and talk about the world is sit and read and sip some great Oregon Coffee.

It is my kind of place for sure.

Scrabble Score - The contender finally won on the last play of the game - the award winning word was kithe. * When I spell checked this blog the checker didn't even know the word.

Quote of the Day
"The universe is a procession with measured and perfect motion." Walt Whitman (1819-1892) from his poem I Sing the Body Electric in the Collection Leaves of Grass Published in 1855 when Whitman was in his mid-thirties.

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