Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Field Burning in Creswell

It was even put on the MSNBC Web Site.

"Creswell (KMTR) – For miles around, Lane County residents and visitors could see a big plume of smoke south of Eugene Tuesday afternoon. And then came a flurry of phone calls and emails to NewsSource 16 from viewers wondering what was causing the fire.

It turned out to be field burning near Creswell. The precise location was south of Dillard Road and west of I-5. Up to 900 acres of grass fields were approved for burning.

The smoke generated a lot of calls to 911. "
The the sky was filled with smoke so thick I noticed the decreased in light and a peach colored hue on everything. So I decided to drive over and look at the fire.

From near our home you can see the plume of smoke over some neighborhood homes.

As I got closer it was apparent the fire was dying out...

But them I saw another field just starting to burn.

I found a spot to shoot at the old Foster Farms Chicken processing plant.

Looking nort and a little west I noticed the fire was getting larger quickly.

Suddenly it looked like a huge explosion.

The smoke began to rise on either side of the main column.

The the main column began to grow at the base.

It was an overpowering and incredible sight.

I moved to another location in a new edition being built here in Creswell and that's when I spotted this branch of dark smoke behaving much like a tornado. Having seen a tornado and many "Dust Devils" in the past I'd say this one was somewhere in between.

Then it seemed to spread like a wall of smoke about a quarter of a mile wide.

Then re-consolidated into one column again and I noticed we were getting fallout.

It wasn't fangerous fallout unless you're allergic to straw and ash (more straw than ash) and it littered the streets.

I took one more picture of the fire as I left that new neighborhood.

On the way home I took a picture on a street near our home about 2-3 miles away and it sees we had as much or more fallout as that neighborhood 1/2 mile from the inferno.

The fire had pretty much died leaving a huge cloud over Creswell...

... and this ash ball about the size of a TV remote control in front of our house

Scrabble Score - Scrabble Queen 312 - The Contender 335 Yippie!

Quote of the Day ~
"Emotions are running wild over this election. Cannot imagine what the outcome will be." V.E. Moyers - Texan (by way of Missouri),


Michael Leyson said...

Wow...I've never actually seen a Foster Farms chicken plant. Thanks!

Michael Leyson said...

Wow..I've never actually seen a Foster Farms chicken plant, thanks!


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