Friday, August 08, 2008

Shore Acres - The Gardens

Day two of our trip took us to the Shore Acres State Park. We started the day at the Botanical Gardens and in a later blog probably tomorrow I'll take you on a short hike along the coast at Shore Acres and give you a little history of the Simpson Family who built the original home at this location.

The flowers were not as abundant as other visits but the ones there were beautiful.

The grounds of the garden are a great place to just walk around and the state donates a few correctional folks to help maintain the gardens along with the volunteers. I hope the work here will help prepare the young men for a better future,

This was an unusual flower of purple-red with yellow chevrons.

The Calla Lilies were still blooming.

And I can't see this place without getting the cranes in the Japanese pond.

I then went to the Rose garden to see what was there and found this one rose that looked like it was ablaze.

This rose was a delicate pink and just looked too lush to be real - but it was real.

Crimson and soft like velvet this rose is a poem looking for a poet.

There were several varieties of this flower and I'd guess what it is but I'll just embarrass myself by saying I don't know.

This one appears to by raising its petals to the sky.

There blooms were very small and I love the the gradual hue change from lavender to blue.

I love those yellow Roses.

I love them so mush I got two shots.

Talk about you weird trees - this is a Monkey Puzzle tree. It is named after the province of Arauco, the Araucaria, or monkey puzzle tree, is native to temperate and subtropical regions in Chile, Argentina, Brazil, and Australia.

...but these aren't they are however sharp and thick.

Asiatic Lilies growing in a Rhododendron bush are lovely and pink.

Oh wow another of those mystery blooms - this one is a very dark Redish-Orange

This beautiful bright orange dahlia was amazingly bright amongst the dark green foliage.

The most interesting thing today was this plant that looked like it had both flowers and beans and leaves like a Century Plant.

Sharyn calls these Target plants because every Target and Strip mall in California has a gazillion of them all around. Of course it must be Agapantha and they are common but I think still a great bloom.

Finally I returned where I came in at the gift shop where volunteers are happy to tell you about the history of Shore Acres.

Every little bit helps keep this beautiful place alive and growing.

As I was leaving I shot this picture of tiny flowers growing on a rather large bush. There are some places you just hate to leave, this is one of those places.

Scrabble Score - I must be out of it tonight I think Scrabble Queen won but I think I did pretty well.

Quote of the Day ~
Almost all words do have color and nothing is more pleasant than to utter a pink word and see someone's eyes light up and know it is a pink word for him or her too ~ Gladys Taber (1899 - 1980), Author of 59 books and columnist in the Lady's Home Journal, lived part of her life in "Stillmeadow," a 1690 farmhouse off of Jeremy Swamp Road, Southbury Connecticut.

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