Thursday, July 31, 2008

Coast Fork Cowboy Festival - Obama Blueberry Salsa

The Coast Fork Cowboy Festival started today in Creswell [Oregon] and we participated.

When we showed up we could not help but notice an old western facade set up on Oregon Avenue (our Main Street) and some guys standing around. The guy in the middle is Wayne White. He looked a little familiar but I couldn't place him until later when he dressed up and started talking.

Wayne was the announcer at the Eugene Pro Rodeo we went to earlier this summer.

Our Booth was next to the Creswell Chamber of Commerce booth. That's Sharyn in the straw hat setting up the Barack Obama booth and starting to prepare our secret weapon - Barack Obama Oregon Blue state Berry Salsa.

These folks had the booth next to ours and they represent the really cool Creswell Library.

Across Oregon Ave They were setting up the Coast Fork Cowboy Festival booth.

Carol, Mandy and Sharyn were working together to get the booth ready to operate.

On a hot day (90 degrees) it was nice to be near the Ice Cream Parlor...

... and under a Creswell street lamp.

Mandy was looking for a place to post an Obama '08 sign.

Finally Carol and Mandy just taped it to our table in the booth.

Meanwhile the Library crew was hanging their giant sign.

I walked up to the old western town facade for a shot or two (no, not rotgut whiskey, photographs)

OK, here is my first art shot.

The roping cow looked a little starved.

Finally the salsa contest booths were almost all up.

Sharyn had made the Blueberry Salsa and Mandy gave it a try.

The purpose of the Obama booth aside from competing for the Salsa crown was to help register voters (regardless of political affiliation)

Look at this cool car/thingie. With all the lightning bolts it must be an electric car/thingie.

This one called a Gizmo looked really nice also...

... and since it was a cowboy festival it even had a gun rack.

The lady in the pink blouse led a big group in line dancing lessons.

Some were adults ...

... and some were children.

Okay this is art shot number 2.

I did see Wayne White again in front of Los Cabos Mexican Restaurant.

Some of the younger crowd tried their had at roping the starving cow.

I think this little guy on the left was trying to rope a

Wayne White and the young lady who was helping the kids rope put on a bullwhip demonstration. I think she is his daughter but I'm not positive.

Later I talked to Wayne who is a very dynamic and Charismatic speaker just to verify he was the Announcer at the Eugene Rodeo.

I missed the gunfight (acting) but got the smoke.

Before we left we had a chance to listens to the songs of this trio of cowgirls. They were from Washington state and I didn't quite hear the name of the group but I think it was NOT Cowboy Crazy but really was Horse Crazy. Thanks Dallas & PJ McCord Founders of The
Coast Fork Cowboy Festival for the correction.

Scrabble Score - No game today and we didn't win the Salsa Contest - but we had a great time.

Quote of the Day -
“To read the papers and to listen to the news... one would think the country is in terrible trouble. You do not get that impression when you travel the back roads and the small towns do care about their country and wish it well.” ~ Charles Kuralt (1934-1997) American radio and television Correspondent and Journalist


Rain said...

That looks like so much fun and I had never even heard of it. Good for you two to do an Obama booth :)

Anonymous said...

The skinny cow and the mad car thingys!!
Thanks Paul.

Anonymous said...

Great coverage of the Street Dance, what a great way for the community to come together. Lots of good music, fun, friends and smiles. Thanks for coming. The cowgirl band is called Horse Crazy, from upstate Washington. They loved our town and said the festival was the best they had been to. Dallas & PJ McCord, founders/organizers of the Coast Fork Cowboy Festival. Yahoo!!!


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