Saturday, July 26, 2008

Karin Clarke Gallery, 5th St. Market and Graffiti Trains

I had to take the Mini-Musemobile in to the shop and started the day at Kendall Honda.

After a very short wait the brakes were done and after going through the free car wash (coupon after service) I had a couple of hours to kill before meeting the Serena and Charlie and the other Sharon for lunch at 5th Street Market in downtown Eugene.

To explore with this much time on my hands was great and I did have my camera so I went to downtown and after turning onto Willamette at Joggers I stopped by the Karin Clarke Gallery to see what was on display.

Karin Clarke was there and we had a chance to talk a little about art and artists like Adam Grosowsky a wonderful artist and one of my favorite artists. Karin's wonderful gallery is a favorite stop for the "First Friday Art Walk" folks. I'm not positive bit the smaller painting on the left may be one of Mark Clarke her father and another great Eugene area artist. The painting to the right is one of Adan Grosowsky's wonderful paintings.

I'm not positive but the smaller painting on the left may be one of Mark Clarke her father and another great Eugene area artist. The painting in the center is one of Adan Grosowsky's wonderful portraits.

Adam's work is to me a current version of the Dutch Masters like Rembrandt or Vermeer with an Asian flair and like looking into the eyes of a luscious mystery.

Adam not only paints, teaches but is one of the creators of slacklining.
"While rope walking has been around in one manner or another for thousands of years, the origins of modern day slacklining are generally attributed to a pair of rock climbers living in Yosemite Valley, California, in the early 1980s. Adam Grosowsky and Jeff Ellington" ~ Wikipedia

After that visit and taking a few pictures along the Willamette I headed to 5th Street Market. I found a great parking place on the street behind the market and took some pictures of the back of the building.

On fourth street I took a shot of the shops and walk behind the 5th Street Market.

It has a flavor of the old world in spots and could be anywhere in the world (well not the North Pole of course) and I like this part of Eugene.

Looking back at fourth street from the walkway between buildings is one of my favorite shots here.

The inside courtyard reminds me a little of New Orleans.

One of the inside stairwells has a Trompe L'oeil depicting some of the shops and shoppers at the market.

This is another view of the Trompe L'oeil looking down the stairs toward Provisions a really cool market food store.

I love the name of this flower shop, Rhythm & Blooms, It's a great place for flowers.

Another view of the Courtyard...

... and an old fashioned Photo Booth.

The Chelsea Grill is at the center of the food court here and I'm still waiting to meet with the rest of the group.

Then Sharyn spotted me wandering around with the camera.

Charlie was out looking for a parking place but the Girls (Serena, Sharyn and Sharon) stopped to pose for me. Thanks ladies.

I guess there was a duck race going on for charity and the fountain was full of rubber duckies and they even put a duck bill on the rooster statue in the center.

It was Serena's birthday lunch and we did have a great time together. I was leaving through the back door when a train was passing by. I had wanted to get some railroad graffiti for awhile so I stopped to get some shots.

I am not sure everyone likes this defacing of private property or wall in a city on public property and it can get to be too much when it is everywhere. I do think the railroad cars do offer a better option.

It doesn't get to be monotonous when the images and letters constantly change.

Some are obvious statements like this "Grief"...

... and some are very colorful...

... some is very outlaw like this one stating "Lyfer" under the words "Gangster Lean." I wonder if "Lyfer" means Lifer with poetic license.

All along the side of this car is a long message...

... some are only a portion. I wish I could read the message on this one but it's like a foreign tongue.

"FECH" clear but the meaning isn't - fetch maybe - who knows.

I was wondering if this guy understood the graffiti but my guess was he just wanted to cross the tracks.

"Jive" now that one was easy.

"Slump"? I just can't understand it other than to say it is interesting. I think this tag was overwritten by something in black paint I think that's a sign of one tagger disparaging another.

On the bottom it says "Junky Cherish" perhaps a good description of graffiti.

Scrabble Score - The queen won last night.......

Quote of the Day "Accept the things to which fate binds you, and love the people with whom fate brings you together, but do so with all your heart." - Marcus Aelius Aurelius


Anonymous said...

I am amazed at the diversity of downtown Eugene. You captured it well with the paintings with-in Karin Clarke Gallery and the Graffiti art on the box cars. Thank you for the travel photos that shows differences in a pleasingly easy to digest manner. It is interesting and fun visual food.

Anonymous said...

Thanks P.
Truly lovely as usual.


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