Saturday, July 12, 2008

Through Triangle Lake to Mapleton

We took a drive today out past the Country Fair and took the cutoff to Triangle Lake.

Along the way we found a nice rest area next to a really nice creek.

On the bared trunk of a tree I saw this cat shaped marking.

I like the way the filtered sunlight picked this one spot lower center to show the clarity of the water.

Like a spotlight the sunlight lit these two tree trunks and the pebble island in the stream.

Here is a closer look.

I had walked across this foot bridge and turned to get this picture.

I'm not sure what this was but it was man made and looked cool.

I stopped along the way to get a shot of "Grandpa's Car"

This run down structure is a round Barn that had used to raise Pheasants.

We made it to Triangle Lake and stopped at a boat launch ramp.

There were boaters and floaters.

Later we stopped to get a shot of this Monastery called the Garden of Peace with an Obama sign in front.

There was a dog leading a farmer and his workers back to the barn with a load of hay.

We stopped at another boat ramp and walked around and next to the river (North Fork of the Siuslaw) I found this huge flat rock with indentations formed from the water flow.

In one of the pits on the rock I found this lure (held by Sharyn) with the river in the background.

A little further I found an old burn barn next to American Laminators, Inc.

We made it to Mapleton and the Alpha-Bit Books and Crafts Cafe. The cafe was really nice and I'd highly recommend it to anyone driving through Mapleton.

It was next to the Farmer's Hardware...

... another nice place with a sign in the window that read "Hug a Farmer."

This beautiful Yellow flower was in a half barrel in front of the Alpha-Bit.

On the way back we stopped for a picture of the Wildcat Bridge we had seen on a great visit from Jim & Doreen our good friends from Massachusetts.

Scrabble Score - Scrabble Queen 377 - the Contender 316 - Ouch!!

Quote of the Day ~ "An optimist may see a light where there is none, but why must the pessimist always run to blow it out?" ~ Rene Descartes


Anonymous said...

after having seen, what to me, was a quintessential hot dusty afternoon with a farmer out on his tractor collecting the hay bales, i then saw the sign "hug a farmer." it made me think about who else we should hug who contribute, enrich, provide and protect our american life - hug a fireman, a policeman, a soldier, a teacher, a nurse, the illegal who gets up at 3:00 am to work the dairy to bring us local, fresh milk, the illegal who works the orchards to bring us local fruit and vegetables. this is the fabric of our great and wonderful country.

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