Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Winchester Day 2

Still at the campground in Winchester Bay and Mr. Mallard is doing his morning stretches next to the Musemobile

So the Marine Corps Marching band is in town and we are hanging out at Keel Park. The park is surrounded by small business establishments. It's a quaint fishing village setting. There is Kitty's Kitchen where it is Christmas Forever............... oooops! Here comes the band

........and the Thai Cafe (the band didn't stop there)

The band was brought to Winchester Bay by the owner of the Sportsman's Cannery an ex-Marine...

If you like to fish there is the Salmon Harbor Tackle and Marine Supply Charter Office (What a mouthful) I liked the barrel, net and oar display.

The Portofino Market place where Scrabble Queen bought her rod and reel last year on sale.

Rhythm Hot Dogs had a cow skull...

My personal favorite name was the Fitzpatrick's Crabby Cafe.

then there is the "floating" residents like the Wet and Wild........

...and the band is still marching back from the Oyster House toward Keel Park past the Strike Zone II - I'm pretty srure there is a Strike Zone I and III maybe even a IV.

Best grape vine display went to the Anchor grill (one of my awards)

...and there is the band again walking past the Musemobile

Ed and Sharyn at the park discussing the metaphysical value of quantum liquidity in the cyclical sphere creation of a boiled egg....... or maybe something else

Other floating oddities included this House Boat complete with Mermaid mannequin and it's for sail mmmmm wait! I think that's sale. I liked the Ferret Crossing sign.

Looking West toward the Pacific Ocean from the dock - it was a very nice day.

Even this Blackbird stopped to enjoy the view as we drove along the coast.

From the Whale watching lookout next to the Umpqua Lighthouse we got a great look at part of the Oregon Dunes recreation area and the ocean.

As you can see in this picture Oregon has had a lot of rainfall lately.

The lighthouse is always worth a picture.

A little further along I took this one of the lighthouse from another viewpoint higher up the hill.

Finally we stopped for a picnic at Tugman State Park where Ed took some pictures. It was a nice Memorial Day Holiday.

Scrabble Score Scrabble Queen 351 - The Contender 353

Quote of the Day
And ever has it been known that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation. ~ Kahlil Gibran

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Rich said...

While going thru page after page of WB blogs, I came across yours on the 19th url page. That is dogged determination. I now have the weasel-xing houseboat as my screen-saver. We visit WB for a few days every year and always look for any changes the weasels capt has made. We were last there about 5 weeks ago. It's our happy place (not the good ship weasel, WB) and would love to retire there in the near future. We began going to WB every 4th of July in '76 as an entire family vaca. Now it's just my wife and I, usually after school resumes. We do miss the fireworks, especially after seeing the great pictures you have. Several years ago, as it grew dark, after a beautifully clear day, everyone at the WB Inn took their chairs to the docks for the fireworks. We started to hear fireworks going off, thinking it was just kids in an adjacent parking lot. But no, they were too loud. Looking closely you could see vague bruiselike coloring where the fireworks belonged. It turned out that the fog had rolled in, in about a 10 minute period be-tween dusk and dark. There were more than 50 people infected by cocktail-giddiness cheering the fireworks that we could not see. In Calif, where we live, there'd be broken bottles, fighting and general bad-vibes but like saying goes....Things really are better in Oregon. ps, my wife claims it's ferret xing, but i'm sticking to weasels. Also, I'm thinking about becoming a blogger, but can't get off the fat-butt of my mind so for now my email address is


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