Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Covering the baby.....

Well I'm starting this blog with a rather weird picture I like (although I have no idea why) of the moon half hidden behind a tree and having an out of focus Clematis leaf in the foreground. Nothing special about the picture and it off topic but I like it.

Today we went to the storage facility we use for storing the Musemobile since out friendly neighbor filed a complaint with Creswell City Hall. Would have been nice J if you had just asked.

Well anyway here is Andrew atop the musemobile trying to determine front from back and left to right.

He really didn't have a clue since this was the first time.

So he made a guess this was the front.

Then her started to unfurl the 50lbs cover,

Things started to fall into place - It looks pretty scary and I think it is something great care is required. There are lots of bumps on the roof he could have easily tripped on with the cover over them. Megan helped when necessary.

I even got into the act holding a strap.

As the cover opened it really started to drape easily over the sides.

Then with a flip of an edge and a few pulls of the straps we were almost done.

In the storage facility there were some interesting vehicles. Some obviously were towed *LOL*

There were lots of old buses I suppose Ken Kesey had a huge influence on this area.

Ken Kesey, born in 1935, was raised on farms in Colorado and Oregon. At the University of Oregon, he participated in wrestling and theater. He married his high school sweetheart and they had 3 children together. In 1959, when he volunteered to be a subject in experiments with hallucinogenic drugs, his life underwent a dramatic change. Near the end of the experiments, he began working the night shift in a mental ward. He started to feel that the patients were not really crazy after all, just more individualized than society was willing to accept. Parts of his novel (Cuckoo's Nest) were written while he was under the influence of LSD and peyote.

Note the bus

Further, the psychedelic bus

Kesey's specialty at the time was green Kool-Aid laced with LSD. In 1964, promoting his new book, "Sometimes a Great Notion," he and his friends, dubbed the Merry Pranksters, drove from San Francisco to New York in a psychedelic painted bus (paid for with the proceeds of Cuckoo's Nest.) His bus, Further, was immortalized in the Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test and On the Bus. Kesey hid 6 months (with his bus) in Mexico to avoid imprisonment for possession of marijuana, then gave himself up to authorities, and was jailed for 5 months. His writing changed from fiction to autobiographical prose, although in later years he returned to fiction with Sailor Song and Last Go Round.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest may have had more influence on society than society had on Kesey. The book was widely read by college students just as the baby boomers began to challenge authority. It is considered a masterpiece. Until his death in 2001, Kesey resided in Oregon where he had been active in the PTA :-).

So there were busses ...........

......and busses.......

.... and more busses

The next thing we were done and the crew posed for a picture. Sleep well under your cover dear Musemobile - out baby..... (after the boys of course)

Scrabble Score --- Scrabble Queen 287 - The Contender 289 Whew!

Quote of the day
“When people ask what my best work is, it's the bus. I thought you ought to be living your art, rather than stepping back and describing it.” ~ Ken Kesey

Ken Kesey was a wonderful story teller and here in Eugene there is a wonderful stature memorializing "The Storyteller"

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