Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Sometimes the Travel is a small Day Trip

Today was a nice day and it all started in the morning taking pictures at the house of some of our Spring flowers.

First I got this one of our first rose of the year. We have been pretty lucky with the roses so far. The two bushes in the front of the house historically have been plagued with "black spot" but so far this year we think we have controlled it pretty well with a spray. If it indeed works I'll put in a plug for the spray company.

Our Peonies are opening and we currently have three flowers in full bloom. This one is just opening after a rainy evening. I'll get a picture of one fully open later.

Here is another Peonie just about ready to open.

Ed had a Doctor's appointment so we picked him up and went to the Hilyard Professional offices. While waiting I took this picture from the parking garage.

This on is looking down on the garage from one of the hallways. I really like the Ivy and stairwell icon with a life sized person.

After we dropped off Ed and Sharyn decided to shop at Reed & Cross, a great place to shop. Being from Creswell this bumper sticker in the R&C parking lot made both of us laugh for quite a while.

I liked these little flowers also in the parking lot ....

this parking curb taken close up indicates a lot of traffic in their parking lot.

Across the street was something I am now aware of as a good subject for photography - the ubiquitous Oregon Coffee Drive Through (especially for you Doreen)

No Scrabble

Quote of the Day
“Metaphors are a way to help our minds process the unprocessible. The problem arise when we begin to believe literally in our own metaphors. Those who truly understand their faiths understand the stories are metaphorical.” ~ Dan Brown author of the worldwide Best Seller "Da Vinci Code" soon to be in the Theaters

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Pink Fairy said...

I love peonies.
Next to the showy pink rose.. They are my favourite bloom.


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