Monday, May 11, 2009

Walking Around at Seven Feathers

Cabin fever was building so we took off 83 miles down the road to Seven Feathers RV Resort.

There were mushrooms all around near the creek...

... and wildflowers blooming in gold ...

...and lavender.

It must be spring cleaning time, we had just finished ourselves with Sharyn doing most of the work with a slight assist from me.

I was busy looking for more mushrooms ...

... and I found a few basking in the shade.

These little guys seem to always find a way through the mulch to pop up like little umbrellas.

Some look a little like a brown bowler hat.

Others look like a roasted marshmallow.

This mushroom looked like a tiny birdbath.

This mushroom had straight streaks on the edges.

Finally this one looked like a dry desert creek all cracked and broken.

Jordan Creek (which I, in an earlier blog had called Cow Creek) was lovely with smooth flows...

... reflecting the light from above. The Cow Creek Tribe that runs the RV resort and Casino is working with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to rehabilitate this creek for salmon spawning. Jordan Creek runs down the hill to the Umpqua River less than a mile away and at least one Salmon has been seen in the creek since the new culvert was installed. I'd love the see Jordan Creek with Salmon running one day.

There were also spots of narrow, faster moving water.

The smooth spots did look beautifully serene.

There were some small falls...

... and some seriously fast moving water...

... with lots of rocks and some debris.

What's a creek without some dry thistles ...

... and what's Spring without some early blooming flowers losing their luster...

... or a running creek without a few birds.

One of the main reasons we love Seven Feathers is the colorful landscaping of mostly Rhododendrons, grass and beautiful trees with California poppies in gold red and even some the same color as this brilliant Rododendron

This particular Rhody looks red as it opens and ends up a beautiful off-white

While this particular Rhody is as red ... red gets.

I did find a Columbine near the fence and became fascinated with the red flower that ...

... looked like a helicopter shooting sparks.

The mushrooms stole the show however because of the number I found all around.

The Musemobile did like the scenery and after cleaning off the bugs still looks great.

Scrabble will happen a little later and I'll update the blog afterward.

Quote of the Day ~
"Then it [the caterpillar] got down off the mushroom, and crawled away in the grass, merely remarking as it went, `One side will make you grow taller, and the other side will make you grow shorter." ~ Lewis Carroll from "Alice in Wonderland"

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Anonymous said...

I like the flowers.
Well... Unless the mushrooms are nice and edible.


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